Every Girl’s Dream: A Fairytale Wedding Shower


Where do I even begin?  I recently attended an outdoor wedding shower on a gorgeous sunshiny day here in Texas where every single decorating detail was  so expressive and charming I didn’t know where to look first.  My friend Judy’s daughter is getting married in two weeks so her sister, Jan, teamed up with some of Judy’s friends to host one of the most beautiful wedding showers I’ve ever been to.  Or, maybe the word is adorable…….or  creative…..or maybe precious is the word that suits it best.  No, better yet, I think it’s all four of them:  Beautiful, adorable, creative and precious!


Jan (who’s also my good friend, by the way) was the lead hostess in charge of all the decorating and the attention to detail was just amazing.  Every table, nook and cranny had something sweet and creative tucked in.  Like this table above – notice this adorable picture?  Jan printed it off in sections on her computer and then mounted it to a board for a charming, unique look.  I mean……..how cute is that?!  (And it doesn’t hurt to have such a beautiful couple in the picture!)


This cute little shelf displayed accessories as well as food. What a cute little creative touch and great unexpected use of this piece.


Jan made these charming little party prizes by decorating the lids to mason jars and filling them with small chocolate Easter eggs.  What a great little keepsake.


She made an adorable little niche where Cassie and her fiancé, Collin, could sit and open up presents.  Jan, who has a booth called Fabulous Finds at an antique mall (Witherspoon Antiques) in Granbury, Texas, reupholstered these chairs herself. If you’re local peeps you need to go check it out!  (She also has her own jewelry line called Jade Designs that she carries there as well as her furniture and accessories.)



Even the gifts people brought were amazingly creative!



Adorable hostess gifts.  These are wine bottles with picture labels of Cassie and Collin.  Jan decorated them by creating these fabulous flower and ribbon bows for the tops.  Just beautiful.


Lots of sweet pictures of Cassie and Collin sprinkled throughout.


This is a more distant view of the cozy little niche Jan fixed up for them to open presents.  Isn’t it charming?


There are special privileges in having your own booth at an antique store.  All the more reason to justify collecting antique dishes for the last six months so there would be enough beautiful table settings for an entire wedding shower.  These tables were beautiful.  And, now she’ll get to sell it all in her shop.


So girly….


So charming….


And I’ve always loved the look of white table and chairs on a green, grassy lawn.


Take a close look at this incredible piece.  It’s an old door she got for free….


She embellished it by stenciling on these appropriate words for a young couple in love and starting out their lives together.  And she did another picture by printing it off in sections again and enhancing the color on her computer.  She mounted it to a board in sections and then mounted it to this door. Absolutely incredible looking!


The beverage table was even charming!




We know where she got her creative gene.  This cake was made by her mama and my good friend, Juanita.   Just as delicious as it was beautiful.






She even made these simple chalk boards look charming and sweet.






She ordered this turquoise cotton candy online and bagged it up as party favors for each guest to take home.


This suitcase is where everyone put their notes to the bride for her to read later.





The bar was filled with pretty little drinks…..


Colorful, festive….


And, yummy.  These chocolate martinis were like having a dessert.


It was a great turn out.  Everyone had tons of fun.


This is Judy with her daughter Cassie.  If they look familiar it’s because Judy is the choreographer for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders and Cassie is a current cheerleader.


And, unbeknownst to me till I arrived, CMT was there filming the whole thing for the DCC series.  If you look closely here you can see the camera crew to the right of this picture.


They interviewed Jan during the shower which was a bit of a nerve wracking experience for her.  That’s more Judy’s “thing” than hers, but I’m sure she did great!


This suitcase is a piece that Jan made Cassie as a wedding gift at Judy’s request.  Judy had seen a friend do one so she asked Jan (the crafty sister!) to do it for her.  It’s a memory box for Cassie to keep all her special keepsakes for the upcoming wedding and other special memories.


Jan took an old suitcase and glued on the scrabble letters to spell out these words.  Then she glued on this belt for a little character and interest.  She created a little frame with scrap paper that she actually printed of the internet (yes, she did!) and mounted to scrabble pieces to frame this cross that Judy wanted on the front.


The inside was lined with maps of meaningful, special places for Cassie and Collin – Texas where they live, Florida where they met, New York where she went shopping for her wedding dress, etc. And, she strung up a decorative area for her keepsakes to hang from with clothespins.  Have you ever seen anything more girly and cute?


And, that hanky in front with the kitty-cats on it……that’s the invitation!  We each got our own unique hanky where she ironed on the oval invitation info and stitched around it to make it look like it was stitched on.  Just adorable!



I won this cute prize in the Bridal Bingo game!



Cassie, who can dance and sing in front of thousands and thousands of people. is a little shy when it comes to speaking to a crowd, but wanted to say thank you to everyone…


So she rose to the occasion and gave a mini speech. So cute….


Here she is with her mom, aunt Jan, Grammy and Granddaddy, cousins and fiancé.  Such a sweet, little family.  Love them!


This is Cassie with her beautiful cousin, Amelia, who got married last year.  I did a blog post on her shower a year and a half ago.  You can see her creative, beautiful event here.


Aunt Jan with Cassie….


Me with my two high school besties.


Jan didn’t even have to wait to get back to her shop to start selling items.  This young girl bought the vintage table cloth right off the table as she was leaving!


Cassie with all the hostesses who worked together and did a fabulous job to make the shower special, beautiful and yummy.

I don’t know how you can step away from this without tons of creative ideas for your next shower or party. I know I did!

Happy Decorating!

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  1. April 4, 2012 at 7:25 pm

    The whole event looks just lovely. So many wonderful details!

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