How To Select The Proper Rug Size For Your Space


A common question I get from clients is what size rug is the proper size for the space.  And, while there is generally some wiggle room and not necessarily a hard and fast rule for every area, there are some basic guidelines to selecting the right size.  One of my favorite rug sources is a company called Jaunty, Inc.  They have an array of fabulous designs – all hand tufted in India – beautifully crafted and very good pricing for this quality rug.  Below are their guidelines for selecting the proper rug size that might prove helpful to you.









They also provide guidelines for the right rug pad: 


And, here’s a glimpse of just some of their beautiful rug styles…

2012-04-09 102643

Different shapes and sizes….

2012-04-09 102643_2

Different themes…

2012-04-09 102643_3

And an array of distinct personalities to fit anyone’s style.

Hope you found this helpful in selecting the proper size rug and rug pad for your home.  Good luck and….

Happy Decorating!

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