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I’m SO SORRY for the delay in blog posts lately.  My days are full and my cup runneth over!  Aside from working full time on several large projects with my design business I’m preparing and planning for a busy, busy, busy upcoming weekend at the end of May.  Many of you know my son is getting married and the time is drawing nigh! 


So right now I’m planning and decorating for the rehearsal dinner for this young, happy (and dare I say beautiful!) couple.  Lots of fun, but tedious details to attend to (caterer, video, decorating, etc…) for this event on Friday evening – the night before the wedding….


And with Melissa’s mom up north in Minnesota I’m helping out with the decorating for the wedding at this charming wedding venue (that Julie – Melissa’s mother – found) as well.   This the front entrance…

back of building

This is the back…


It opens up into a courtyard…..isn’t it so cute?


And this is the part of the courtyard where they will be getting married.  Lots and lots…..and lots of details and design to take care of for the big event Saturday night.  Lots of work for everyone -  Melissa, Julie and myself all working toward the same goal for what we hope will be a very special, magical evening…

Aly and Paige

And last, but not least, a high school graduation party for my daughter and my sweet niece at my house on Sunday.  Of course, I don’t want their event to get lost in the wedding weekend.  I want that to be just as special for them.  Which means more food preparation and more decorating.

Whew!  So now you know why I’m having trouble sitting down to blog.  Please be patient with me.  I have so much to blog about as soon as I have time.  I just need about six more hours in each day and I could do it.  But, I promise I’ll get back to my regular blogging just as soon as I can.

In the mean time…

Happy Decorating!

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