Designing A Piano Room: The Search For The Perfect Chair


One of the projects I’m currently working on involves sprucing up the home of an adorable young family.   They’ve lived in the home for several years and with the “busy”ness of having babies and raising a young family they never quite got around to finishing out the decorating.  Now with their youngest the age of three they have a little more time to think about such things so they are concentrating first on the main living areas.

And, one of these areas is the piano room.  


After selecting our color palette and all the fabrics we are using it was time to think about seating.  We discussed the options – chaise lounge, settee, chairs, etc. and she decided her preference was two matching chairs. Something with “style”, but priced reasonably enough that we can recover it in this fabulous fabric above.  You can’t tell, but it actually has a sort of glittery sparkle to it.  Very rich looking.

FC Doncaster Bayside

It was selected to coordinate with the fabrics we are using for the drapes shown above and below.

FC hayton antique


So I set out to find some furniture options for her to consider.


I love the lower curved back and the distressed wood framing with all it’s intricate detail in this chair above.  A tad pricier than we wanted, but do-able.


I also like this more traditional look.  It’s a bit “squishier” and more comfy with the added cushion.  Again, I like the low back with the wood framing and subtle curves.  Nice look for the space.


A totally different look, this high back chair would actually work, too.  My preference is probably a lower back, but this would still work.  I like this style with the straight lines, and nail heads.


Still, there were others to consider – very different styles – but all styles that would work well depending on her taste and preference.


Since it’s not a room that will get a lot of actual use – “wallow-y” comfort isn’t the absolute top priority.  Just a couple of nice chairs where she or her guests could sit with a glass of wine and have a nice conversation or listen to the piano. 


I love this particular style and this fabric would actually work well with the drapery fabrics if she should decide to wait on the expense of recovering.  Just adding a pillow in the blue and cream fabric of choice would tie it all together.


Little Tip:  This is a way to tie in the fabric you love and the look you want if you can’t afford to do the entire chair. 


Another couple of styles that would work well are this sexy style above (love this fabric, too, but it just wouldn’t work with our color palette)……


Or this cool transitional style. 

All so different, yet all viable options.  A multitude of looks that would work in the same space.  And, each one of these chairs, as cool as they are, would take on a new personality once reupholstered in her own spectacular fabric of choice.     Decisions, decisions……..what would you choose?

Let me know your thoughts……

Happy Decorating!

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