Prom Time Prep!


An eventful spring to say the least with all the wedding prep for my son and his fiancé, but also for my daughter who is a senior in high school this year.  Lots and lots of “last times” and one of them was the prom.  Last year I set up my bathroom so she and her friends could get ready “in style” and decided busy or not, I was doing it again this year. 


Alyssa had several friends coming back this year to get ready together for the big event and I wanted them each to feel pampered and special.  So I made them each their own tray with cloth napkins, fruit, cheese, deli meat and crackers.  The crème-de la-crème was the Fresca in the wine glasses with a little orange slice added for color.


Each girl had their own and I brought up a platter of meat and cheese and a bowl of fruit for them to replenish as often as needed. 


One by one they started arriving….all in t-shirts and shorts for the “make up and hair” experience.


My daughter, Alyssa, who has amazing hair (she’s the one giving me the snarly face for snapping this picture) literally worked on her hair for five hours.  No exaggeration.  She changed it up five or six times till she landed on the right one.  Between you and me it looked great the first time…..flowing down like this in waves.  But, like most teenage girls my opinion wasn’t the one that mattered….not for something as important as prom.  Here she is with Natalie, friends since kindergarten.



Long time friend, Jaime, there for the event, too.  They became friends in the seventh grade.


(Here you see after my daughter curled her hair, she then decided to straighten it!)


For the overflow of girls I set up a table in my bedroom with mirrors and trays, too.  I could only fit four in the bathroom comfortably.


And it worked like a charm for Jordan and Sydney, friends of Alyssa’s since the seventh grade. 



Finally ready she gets a hug from her proud dad.


All dolled up and ready for the special night.


Such beautiful girls…..such a special memory.  And, yes, in case you didn’t notice the final hair do – after curling it, then straightening, then curling it again she ended up wearing back in a loose pony tail!  Go figure!

But, such is the life a teenage girl.  Sweet, sweet memories.

Happy Decorating!


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