More Wedding Shower Fun!


Many of you know by now that my family is friends with four other families and have been for years and years.   We’ve traveled together, do holiday celebrations together and we support each other in all the family endeavors we are each involved with.  And, of course, with this being the year my son got married, well, he was the one who got the fun and support……from the entire group….which makes it so special and fun.


My friend, Kathy, volunteered to host the shower at her house and I have to share her cozy little cottage of a home with you.  First of all the entrance to her home is so welcoming and inviting you can’t wait to take a peak inside after seeing the charming front porch.


She’s co-owner of a store here in town called Celebrations and has access to all sorts of goodies and the works of local and semi-local artists.  Like this cool plaque.  (She actually had one made for each of us one year at Christmas in our own personal colors.)



Once inside you’re met with her cozy family room replete with these beautifully stained concrete floors.  How cool are these?



She has a wonderful collection of crystal votives that are always aglow with soft candlelight. 


Her back yard is equally as charming and inviting with her beautifully manicured gardens and touches of  black and white, red and yellow.



And, here’s the gang of mama’s in the group.  As I’ve said before we call our group the “Rita’s” short for “senorita’s who like margarita’s”.  We were at a Mexican restaurant drinking margarita’s when we came up with that. And we laughingly refer to ourselves with the acronym R-I-T-A’s as “Rocking, Intimidating T@#$! and A@#$% .  (Don’t ask….that’s just how we roll.)  Meant to be a total joke of course and that’s just between us……don’t tell the kids, they’d be mortified – our little secret.  And, yes, these are the same women from my last blog post on Cindy’s art show.  Scroll down and take a look at her drawing of us on yesterday’s post and see if you recognize us.  We are out of order here, but you can see she did an amazing job on the rendering.


It was a yummy, casual barbecue……just right for a relaxing, fun evening with family friends.



Time to chow….for most of us at least…Becky (in front) looks like she might be meditating….not exactly sure.   Smile




My daughter and granddaughter….


My son and grandson…..


Our kids have come to be lovingly referred to as the second generation “little Rita’s”.



You may recognize this gorgeous couple from my last blog post, too.


And, here’s our newest little Rita…..just weeks old for this picture and already partying with the gang.


My granddaughter loving on her grandfather she calls, Doogie.  A name his sons and their friends dubbed him as teenagers.


After dinner it was time for the soon to be bride and groom to don a veil and top hat for the “Wedding Pictionary Game”





All the Rita’s gathered around – big and little – or should I say old and young???



The premise was to pull a heart shaped card with the word or phrase on it referring to marriage or weddings they were to draw.  Girls against boys – each team had to guess what it was.





Somehow every drawing seemed to be a stick figure of sorts….


And, in the end Daniel and the boys won which inspired him to playfully gloat and celebrate with “the Tebow”. Too funny.

Another great time with the Rita’s celebrating the lives of our “little Rita’s”…..moments we all cherish.  Our group, with the addition of new second generation husbands and wives, boyfriends and girlfriends, and even third generation grandbabies is now up to thirty-three I think. Fun, fun, fun.  And stay tuned, because of course we will be having a baby shower for our newest little Rita soon!

Happy Decorating!!!

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