Rehearsal Dinner With A “Hollywood Theme”


Memorial weekend was a whirlwind weekend to say the least with the rehearsal dinner, the wedding and my daughter’s graduation party.  But, it was so much fun and we were so happy to be surrounded by our family and friends the energy level stayed up, joy was in the air and happily all went well!


For starters, after many, many prayers, the weather cooperated. Such a huge relief! So after my daughter and sister-in-law helped me set up the rehearsal dinner venue it was time to get ready for the evening and attend the wedding rehearsal.


There was a wedding right after our rehearsal and the “other wedding party” was none too happy that we were rehearsing while they were still setting up (hence –their butterflies on the columns).  Not that I could blame them, but we couldn’t help that – we weren’t the ones that scheduled it that way.  So with the uncomfortable timing and time restraints on the rehearsal – when most of wedding party arrived together twenty minutes late – we had exactly thirteen minutes for a whirlwind rehearsal before we had to get out of their way.


A lot of work for these little munchkins….but, they rose to the occasion and did a great job!



Afterwards it was onto the rehearsal dinner which was held in an old movie theater right down the street. Love this marquis!


Since it was at a movie theater I wanted to go with a “Hollywood theme” and I wanted the invitations to reflect that.  But, I couldn’t find the invitations I wanted so I made these to send to the additional guests we were inviting outside the wedding party.  I found some plain cards at Hobby Lobby and punched two holes at the top for the ribbon and added the jewels for bling.


I used their wedding blue and layered it with a pearl white for the details, then put the menu choices on little cards that I slipped inside.  On the left I placed a card with their last name initial on it (came on clear paper from Hobby Lobby that you peel and stick to the surface) and when they opened it up….


They found a ticket to the event….


Which of course was reflective of the movie theater venue.  (The fashionista bride-to-be was even color coordinated with the venue! Who knew!)


To go along with the  “Hollywood Theme” I added a red carpet, a movie size poster of the couple, some swanky palm trees and of course the movie theater railings to guide guests as they entered the lobby.


My sister-in-law, Gloria (my life-saver), not only helped set the venue up – she acted as the “paparazzi” and snapped shots of every single guest who arrived.


Daniel and Melissa ended up arriving separately – she with the bridesmaids, he with the groomsman.



I had to get a shot with my adorable granddaughter…


And my adorable daughter.


Once through the red carpet guests were first met with this “Hollywood-esque” table housing glitzy florals, candlesticks, feathers and a little plaque with their initials, picture and wedding invitation.



Inside the banquet room was – again – a “Hollywood-esque” picture table filled with their pictures in these blingy frames, a Cinderella carriage, a pair of candlesticks (originally black – I painted them silver for the occasion), and if you look closely you’ll see their initials, one on each side.  I bought them black and spray painted them silver, too.  Also, tucked between the frames was a framed poem I wrote for Melissa……


I actually got up and read it for Melissa and the guests that night without crying!


And, of course, we had a “concession stand” filled with popcorn and candy.


I used these popcorn bags as party favor bags for the guests to load up with their munchies of choice.  I placed them in a napkin holder I brought from home.


Each table had a feather centerpiece, a candelabra or candlestick, a cream feather boa, director’s board, crystals and name tags.  I bought champagne colored satin floor length table cloths and just used brown satin fabric from Hobby Lobby as toppers.  I just cut them to fit and turned under the edges.  (The arrangements would have had more feathers in them, but my hubby unintentionally crammed my box of an additional  hundred feathers in the corner of the garage and I couldn’t find them anywhere till after the weekend was over! Yes, I wanted to kill him! Sorry, Doogie, I had to share)


Each guest had a name tag.  I bought these pre-printed cards at Hobby Lobby and glued these blue stones on them for bling.  Then I printed each name off in brown ink onto clear label paper and adhered them to each card.  That way they were all uniform and it looked just like they were printed directly on the cards. 




Also, on each table I had their pictures enlarged on these “faux” magazine covers to make them look like Hollywood movie stars. Each table had a different picture and a different magazine cover.


I don’t know…….maybe it’s just a “mama thing”, but to me they’re cute enough to be movie stars!


We added fun picture labels to the wine bottles…


Notice the filler in the vases?  Its just sparkly birthday bag stuffing from Hobby Lobby.  Had a glitzy flare to it which fit the Hollywood theme.


At Daniel and Melissa’s “sweetheart table” I had a cheetah wrap, silk gloves and a fake diamond ring for Melissa to don.


Ever the good sport, she happily played along.


My husband emceed the event which made it really fun. 






Movie stars or not, they were the stars of the weekend and I think they had a really great time this special evening leading up to the big day!

Thanks for indulging me with, yet again, another wedding post, but hopefully you enjoyed it and got some fun decorating ideas for a future event of your own as well.

(Their wedding coming soon!)

Happy Decorating!

4 comments for “Rehearsal Dinner With A “Hollywood Theme”

  1. Susan
    June 14, 2012 at 10:23 pm

    I swear, you are SO creative to the last detail! What an awesome party!

  2. June 15, 2012 at 12:48 am

    Thanks! It was fun!

  3. June 15, 2012 at 3:11 am

    Oh how beautiful and creative! You’re one amazin’ mama!

  4. June 15, 2012 at 4:39 am

    🙂 Thanks for brainstorming with me. That helped immensely!!!

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