Summertime Drinks–Guilt Free

A sweet little friend of mine, Amelia, has a great, fun, little blog: that I just have to share with you.

Isn’t she cute?  (That’s her adorable little dog when she was just a puppy – her name is Betsey Johnson!)  Amelia’s blog is a fun health and fitness blog geared primarily towards young brides, but, it is really fun for anyone at any age to read.  A couple of weeks ago she shared some yummy recipes that I thought sounded too good not to share on my own blog.  She also shared some interesting tidbits about calories in one of our favorite drinks you may not be aware of.  Check out the following – everything in red is directly from Amelia’s blog:

Here’s a fun fact:

ONE margarita has more calories than a McDonald’s BigMac®

…the proof is in the numbers…

One 10 oz margarita = 550 calories

One McDonald’s BigMac® = 540 calories

And since nobody ever has just ONE margarita, think about this.

Two marg’s have more calories than a BigMac with a

side of large fries (500 calories).

source: mcdonald’s themselves

“So I don’t know about you…but that pretty much ruins the standard margarita for me. Actually, it makes me want to run screaming in the opposite direction.
But no worries… there are tons of "skinny" margarita recipes out there and I’m going to rock your world with my favs.”

Hand over your keys. It’s time for a…

Rockin’ Razzy Rita
Serves 1

Calorie Consumption

Calories= 105

Fat= 0g

Sodium= 5 mg

Carbs= 2g

Sugars= .5g

Protein= 0g

What Ya Need:

-1.5 oz. tequila

-1/2 tsp. Crystal Light powdered drink mix, Raspberry Ice

-5 oz. water

-1 oz. lime juice

-Garnish (optional):

-Lime wedge

-Splenda (or whatever sweetener you prefer) or salt for rim of glass

Bartender’s Instructions

-If desired, run some lime juice along the rim of the glass and dip into a dish of salt or sweetener.

-On The Rocks

-Combine all ingredients, mix well, and serve over ice.


-Place all ingredients (dissolve Crystal Light in water first) in a blender

-Add 1 cup crushed ice

-Blend on high until well mixed.

-Garnish with a slice of lime.


Sparkling Margarita

“We’re going old school style, but adding a bubbly twist…and it’s awesome.”

Serves 1

Calorie Consumption

Calories: 115

Fat: 0g

Sodium: 55mg

Carbs: 2g

Sugars: <.5g

Protein: 0g

What Ya Need:

-3/4 cup Diet Sprite Zero
-1.5 oz. tequila
-1 packet (two 5-calorie servings) Crystal Light Lemonade Drink Mix
-2 tbsp. lime juice

-Lime wedge

-Salt or no-calorie sweetener for rim of glass

Bartender’s Directions:

-Run some lime juice along the rim of the glass and dip into a dish of salt or sweetener.

-Mix all ingredients together.

-Pour over 1 cup of crushed ice.

-Garnish with lime slice.


“In case you aren’t much for alcohol, I haven’t forgotten about you! Here is a great mocktail recipe!”

Sparkling Pink Lemonade Slush

Serves 2

What Ya Need:
-1 1/2 cups Crystal Light

-1/2 cup Diet Sprite Zero
-1 1/2 cups frozen strawberries
-1 large frozen banana
-1 cup ice cubes
-Lemon slice for garnish

Bartender’s Instructions:

-Blend all ingredients together

-Pour into glass

-Garnish with a lemon slice

There you have it.
3 refreshing summertime cocktails
with only a fraction of the calories.

How fun are those?  And, you don’t even have to feel guilty!  Gotta love that!  Now go make yourself a drink and don’t forget to check out her blog!

Happy Decorating!

2 comments for “Summertime Drinks–Guilt Free

  1. Nancy Burns
    July 1, 2012 at 2:08 am

    Hi, Sheri. On your blog a long time ago you had pictures and directions on painting a chest or dresser (black I think) and then glazing or “antiqueing” it. I can’t find it now. I have a painted (white) chest of drawers I want to paint dark to look more like wood. Do you have ideas/directions for that? Thanks! Nancy Burns

    • July 1, 2012 at 3:04 am

      Hi, Nancy! I’ll try to find the link and send it to you. Basically you sand the piece down to remove any dirt and gloss. Just a light to medium sand. You don’t have to kill yourself doing it. Then use 2x Coverage spray paint. You can get it at Home Depot. Sprays on twice as thick so all you need is one coat. Then when it’s dry you take your antiquing color of choice and very, very lightly dry brush on your streaks. Super simple. I’ll try to find the link and send it to you.

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