Refinished and Refined: A Creative, Cozy Condo – Down To The Last Detail!


When my friend, Jan, purchased a condo in Granbury on the lake she had no idea that shortly afterward there would be a fire, her adorable condo would be ruined and she would have to be completely re-do the entire thing!   Fortunately for her (and her husband) she is innovative and creative, has an eye for fabulous finds and knows how to stretch her dollars so that everything she purchases on a budget ends up looking like a million bucks.


See what I mean?  Would you look at this adorable space?  How fun is this – with all this color and these fun patterns?  And, yes, she recovered and refinished these pieces herself! 


Mmmmmhmmmmm….yes, ma’am….she did!  She is one of those people that has that incredible knack for taking other people’s discards and giving them lots of TLC as well as some serious BST (blood, sweat and tears)…..until they evolve into something fabulous, unique and, well, amazing.


I mean…….how stinkin’ cute!  (And, by the way, don’t you just love these dark walls!)


So creative and fun!


Isn’t this a darling coffee table?…….How feminine and sweet!


What a cozy room to snuggle up in with a glass of wine and a magazine!  And that view doesn’t hurt either!


Notice the mis-matched chairs in this charming dining area?  Looks great paired with this vibrant, colorful rug.  The old with the new…..


Such charming details in the kitchen.  So very Jan!  By the way you’ve seen her work before at a couple’s shower I posted a couple of months ago.  Take a look here.


These white frames and mirrors make a wonderful collage. 




You may recognize this chair from the shower.  Isn’t it fab?!

Are you just a little jealous?……Inspired maybe to get creative and turn someone else’s “has-beens” into your own upbeat, “happening now”, newly refinished and refined quality pieces like Jan does?  You can create the same look with a little of your own TLC and BST.  Give it a try.

But, for all you local folks Jan has a booth called Fabulous Finds at an antique mall (Witherspoon Antiques) in Granbury, Texas.  If you are ever out there swing by and take a look!  She may have just the pieces you’re looking for.

Here’s a peak at some of her the other items she’s turned from “ho-hum has-beens” to “oh my gosh I want that” pieces.



Can you say freaking ca-uuuuuute!  She uses such fun colors to make everything so unique! Look her up!

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Happy Decorating!

1 comment for “Refinished and Refined: A Creative, Cozy Condo – Down To The Last Detail!

  1. shelly bushnell
    July 14, 2012 at 4:06 am

    I love what you did. I find a lot of things at yard sales, flea markets etc. that I reuse in another way or faux paint. I love decorative painting and useing drywall to make textures on the walls etc. so I love taking your design ideas into what I do.
    Thank you so much for your tips.

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