Define Your Accessories With A Decorative Tray!

One of the easiest ways to define your accessories and give them more of a decorative purpose is to use a decorative tray to cluster them on. I addressed this a little on a previous blog, but wanted to touch on it again today.


When you take all this kind of decorative clutter and simply place it on a decorative tray it suddenly goes from excessive clutter to a “decorative cluster”.


See what I mean?  This just doesn’t have the same snazzy, organized look to it, does it?


But, place it in a little tray like this and it gives it purpose and adds a sweet charm.  Don’t you think?  You don’t need an expensive tray either.  This one cost me $16.00 on clearance at good old Hobby Lobby.


This is in my master bathroom and houses my jewelry that I wear most frequently and some homemade “beauty remedies”…..


Like this little bowl of baking soda.  Did you know if you mix it with water and make a paste it’s a great little facial for your skin.  Helps smooth out your skin and tighten your pores.  (It really works, by the way.)


And, this little pitcher has all natural honey in it.  It helps soften and smooth your skin and give it a little more of a youthful glow.  Just pour a small amount onto your fingers and rub into your face; let it set for ten or fifteen minutes.  Your skin will feel so soft….you’ll love it.  


Pretty, functional and girlie!

In my kitchen I used a decorative tray to house all my coffee and beverage “stuff”, too:


I got these clear bowls and the pitcher from Hobby Lobby and the Dollar Tree.  This tray used to look like this by the way:


And I used my good old spray paint from Home Depot to paint it solid black for a cleaner, fresher look.


  The old one was worn and I was tired of it.  Now it looks like brand new.  And, the black tray against the crystal containers look clean, fresh and nice.






Just makes all the clutter look more defined and organized.


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Happy Decorating!!!

2 comments for “Define Your Accessories With A Decorative Tray!

  1. Gloria
    July 20, 2012 at 12:25 am

    Sheri, love all the tips. Somehow I always forget what a huge difference a little makes. Old tray + black paint = beautiful!

  2. July 23, 2012 at 10:00 am

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