Make Your Own Floral Arrangement On A Budget!


Although it’s nice to have a custom floral made for your home, and I certainly have plenty of them made for my clients, there is a way to do it yourself on a budget and have them look custom.  Really there is!


If I don’t get them wholesale my favorite retail store to get flowers is Hobby Lobby. (If you’ve read many of my blog posts I know you won’t be surprised by that.  Click here to see a previous post on another “do it yourself floral”)


For this arrangement I got these pretty pink bushels, because they had a quality look to them and also had additional branchy looking stems I wanted to use.


I always wait till they’re on sale 50% off or I’ll use my 40% off coupon that they have weekly on there website.  


There are several types of moss you can use, but for this one I used Spanish Moss.


I started by clipping off individual stems and branches…..


And placing them into the styrofoam I cut to fit and placed at the bottom of the container. 


This container I got on clearance at Hobby Lobby, too, by the way.  It was $12.00, but originally a sage green color.  I wanted it to be black so I simply spray painted it to get the look I wanted.


I intentionally made it a shorter arrangement rather than tall, because I want to keep it on the table during dinner and not have to remove it so people can see each other. 


I continued to fill it with flowers  (this arrangement took two bushels that were on sale for $12.49 each) then started squeezing in the moss. I like to make the moss really thick so none of the styrofoam shows and the arrangement looks really full.


Then I gave it a good tweakin’ and fluffin’ and when it was ready…..


I added it to my dinner table on the screened in porch.

Easy to do and very affordable. Give it a try!

Happy Decorating!

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