A Year Full Of Changes: Graduation Time For My Little Girl


As if the wedding festivities didn’t keep us hopping enough during that busy wedding weekend – my daughter decided she wanted to have her graduation party a week early so that all the out of town family who came in for the wedding could also celebrate with her.  She loves having them around and didn’t want the special moment to pass by.  After giving it some thought my husband and I decided, what the heck…..call us crazy…..exhausted or not…..we agreed to go for it.


So the Sunday afternoon after the wedding I quickly decorated the entry with pictures and balloons and we had fifty or so family members over to our house to celebrate the next big occasion: My daughter’s graduation. 


Since I couldn’t possibly find the time with all the wedding prep going on to create by hand the decorative poster boards I did for her brother’s graduation parties, I had this poster made at Walgreens earlier in the week.  But, it was filled with sweet memories. just like theirs, and I think I actually liked the way it turned out even better….


I’m not a scrapper, but since it’s so easy now to do at places like Walgreens I also created a keepsake photo album of memories for her….


Filled with pages and pages of happy family times when she was a teeny little thing….


And, as she was growing up…..


And, special occasions we all shared together.

2012-05-16 202108_3

It was also a dual celebration for my niece, Paige’s graduation.  The same age – they’ve been close all their lives.  Just not sure how they got from here…..


To here quite so fast.  An age old question mothers everywhere grapple with.  Right?  How does this happen so quickly?


My sister had this fun sign made that I hung on the stairs so guests could see it when they walked in.


And, she composed a poster of pictures for Paige and laid out some memorabilia from her accomplishments and interests over the years……


Including this amazing picture of Paige dancing.  That’s really her!  Is this incredible or what?


The house was filled with lots of loving, wonderful family for a barbecue, relaxation and fun.  (And, later that evening a sweet video of the graduates my sister put together.)  A fun, special night.


A week later a group of her friends, some as far back as elementary school, came over to get ready for graduation night.  (Our air conditioning went out that morning and they still came over!)  I walked into my bedroom to find them having a pizza party on my bedroom floor!   No, really, I did!


Besties for years….they just wanted to be together for this eventful, momentous day.  So cute and sweet!  Love them!


And, then it was time for the big occasion.


As families do at such exciting times – the whole family came to cheer her on….


Including her cute, little grandmothers.


Her older brothers were especially proud of their baby sister.


Two exciting back to back changes for our family – one newly married and one newly graduated.  A new chapter in their lives…. and the lives of their parents as well..

Alyssa 022

They grow up….

Alyssa 077 - Copy - Copy


And, move on……


But, they’ll always be our babies.

Happy Life…..

and always…

Happy Decorating!

4 comments for “A Year Full Of Changes: Graduation Time For My Little Girl

  1. August 3, 2012 at 7:30 pm

    Oh, wow…be still my heart! SHeri, you are such an amazing woman, mom and I cannot believe the little birds are flying….although that is what we’ve all worked on and prayed guidance for for years! Well done, sweet friend. And now….I do believe it is seriously time for us to plan a get together! I just got goosebumps typing that!
    Love you bunches!!!!

    • August 13, 2012 at 4:11 pm

      Thanks, Myriam!!! I know……it’s time my frend….enough is enough….we need to plan a get together! Love you right back!

  2. Susan
    August 5, 2012 at 4:14 pm

    Love it. What a weekend for you all!

    • August 13, 2012 at 4:11 pm

      Thanks, Susan! Yes, it was a whirlwind….fun and extremely special, but definitely a whirlwind!

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