The Groom’s Cake: It Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive To Look and Taste Expensive


One of the advantages of having an eye for design is that you know instinctively that many things don’t have to cost a fortune to look as if they did.

So when my mother offered to purchase the groom’s cake for my son, Daniel, I knew it didn’t need to be expensive to look wedding appropriate and taste good.


I started eyeballing a certain chocolate cake at Kroger every time I went grocery shopping. I liked the rounded look and the chocolate on chocolate. I thought maybe they could make a larger version of this or maybe I could do more than one. So I started talking with the chief baker there about tweaking it a bit and doing the grooms cake for me. I mean…….if people didn’t know I got it at Kroger, they would just assume I got it at a more upscale bakery……right?


I had done a blog post last spring on the perfect grooms cake and this cake on this pedestal was one I really liked. (You can check the whole blog post out here.) I liked the strawberries and the presentation of having it lifted up on an “accessory” like this. So with that in mind I considered what kind of pedestals I had that I could use.


I didn’t really have anything like that, but thought about this plate stand. Problem was that I keep it on my kitchen island and I didn’t really want to paint it silver which is what I needed for the cake table. And, I also thought I might need more than two cakes.


So that led me to try this three tier plate stand in my pantry. It was originally cream, but it wouldn’t be a big deal to paint it and it had three places for a cake. So after paying around with it I decided on this one and painted it silver to match the other accessories on the table….


Then I pulled three of these gold chargers that I never use and painted them silver, too, to hold the cakes.


I met with the baker several times to discuss how many and what size I would need. I finally decided on three small cakes for the cake stand and…..just in case I needed it….an extra sheet cake we could refrigerate and pull out and cut if necessary.


I wanted the center cake to reflect his college so I took her a picture of the OU logo. She did a sample for me to approve and then she duplicated it on the cake. And, they also did the chocolate dipped strawberries for me. (Although I would have liked more of them)


She thought it would look more masculine to go with smaller icing swirls so I switched gears on that.


The only draw back was that I had to go pick them up at Kroger in boxes and take them to the venue instead of having them delivered. But, the venue refrigerated them till it was time and then set them up for me so it was no big deal.


I was really happy with the way they turned out and thought the display looked great on the cake and candy table. The wedding planner at the venue said a couple of women commented on how much they like the look and asked her where the cake came from. I had told her where, but she was afraid I might not want anyone to know I got ‘em at Kroger so she pretended like she didn’t know! Ha!


The best part of all – besides the fact that it was absolutely delicious – was that it cost me a whopping $60.00 to do the whole thing!!! Yes, $60.00!!!

The sheet cake was an extra $20.00, but we never even needed it. I took it home, froze it and then took it to a friend’s sons graduation party a week later. So talk about getting your money’s worth! And ironically enough the graduate’s older sister said it was the best chocolate cake she’d ever eaten. How funny is that! Kroger…..who knew?!

So if you’re planning a wedding don’t think you’re stuck paying the hyped up rates you get quoted just for uttering the word “wedding”. Get creative and use your local grocery store!

Happy Decorating!!!!

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