Sassy Summertime Gardens


Things tend to start looking a bit “droopy” by August in Texas….(including the people who live here! Smile) so when I come across such colorful, fresh looking gardens it always makes me sigh and smile and flash back to the spring – a time when our gardens looked just as sassy, just as pretty.


Doesn’t this make you smile?…..And make you want to meander down the cobblestone path and through the arbor?


How awesome it would be to curl up here on a gorgeous sunny (but not wilting) afternoon and enjoy this cozy outdoor living area surrounded by all these amazing flowers.


I love the colorful furniture they incorporated to enhance all the colors in the flowers.


And the personal touches they tucked in this garden..


And, this one.  Whimsical and fun…

Aaaaahhhhhh – so lush and green…….


So dreamy and peaceful….


So colorful and inviting….


We’ve had a bit of rain and it’s been a bit cooler these last few days which makes me remember the spring and look forward to the fall….yes…with a wistful sigh.

There’s nothing more peaceful and relaxing than a beautiful garden to unwind in on a beautiful day…..don’t you agree?

Happy Decorating!

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