DIY Wedding Fan For An Outdoor Wedding


When you go to an outdoor wedding in Texas at almost anytime of the year it’s not a bad idea to have some type of fan for the guests to use if necessary.  And when it’s the end of May it’s a sure fire bet they’ll be needed.  So with my son’s wedding May 26th we knew it was a must have.   But, what style, how much would it cost, how many did we need? 

So of course we searched the web and Pinterest, etc. looking for ideas….

There were tons of designs out there….and the prices weren’t bad on many of them.

But, we needed (or thought we needed) 150-160 of them so it still added up.

So even though there were some great ideas……we found we could still save money if we did them ourselves.

wedding hand fans

Using pictures online I tried my hand at cutting my own shapes and various styles and somehow they all came out looking wonky.  Can we just say disaster? 

Then I came up with the idea to just try the old fashion accordion style fans we used to make as children.  Remember?  With notebook paper… was always either fans or airplanes.


I purchased card stock at Hobby Lobby (on sale half price, of course) and started playing around with colors and widths, etc.  I tried several looks -  the neutrals with a jewel and the turquoise with a jewel (I just used scotch tape to experiment with the different colors), I tried combining two colors, using just one color…..


I tried white with a monogram and white with a jewel……tried a single sheet of paper and gluing two sheets together….and experimented with how wide to make the “pleats”.  Who knew deciding on an old fashion fan would ultimately have so many options.  Ugh!


I decided it was easiest to come up with the right size pleat for all of them and keep them all uniform if I folded the sheet in half..


Then folded it in half again….


And, again….


And, again….of course, flipping the folds back and forth to create the accordion style.


This made managing the pleat size and the fan size much easier.


We voted on putting two sheets together for a fuller look.  I just used a glue stick and pressed the inside pleats together and stapled the bottoms together to form a “handle”.


We also decided on turquoise card stock to match her bridesmaids dresses and going with a ribbon handle to cover up the bottom of the fan where we stapled the pleats together.


Melissa wanted ivory so we got this half price at Hobby Lobby.


We wrapped the handle and hot glued the seam and the bottom together for a finished look.


And, for that added wedding touch we purchased a string of pearl ribbon – yes, of course – where else….Hobby Lobby half price! – and hot glued it along the top of the ribbon.


We were very happy with the end result and we saved quite a bit of money, but I’m not going to lie… was very time consuming!  So unless you have  team of friends and family to help or you start way early this isn’t the route to go.  We were fortunate enough to have a group of friends and family help out and even then the amount of time it took was overwhelming. (We waited too long to do this so it was a bit stressful trying to knock it out the last couple weeks before the wedding with everything else left to do.  Don’t make that mistake!) 

And, you don’t need one for every guest!  So just make enough for about half the guests.  Most men won’t use them and kids don’t necessarily need them so it’s overkill to have one for every single guest.  Something we now know in hind sight so spare yourself the extra effort!

Hope this gave you Brides-To-Be some ideas to ponder for your own wedding!  Good luck and have fun!

Happy Decorating!

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