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If you’re the type of person who loves being different, who loves funky and unique and can’t bare to bring yourself to dress or decorate like other people odds are you’d love a Bohemian interior to kick back in, too.  

Although Bohemia is an actual geographical place with an interesting colorful history – nowadays, being a bit Bohemian simply denotes the desire for and/or practice of, an unconventional lifestyle.  That can be the way you live your life in general, the way you dress or the way you decorate.

There’s generally a mish-mash of color, patterns and textures “thrown in” to one space, but in a cohesive, carefully thought out way.

It’s typically a very eclectic space filled with unexpected quirks here and there.  This room above reminds me of a friend of mine’s little house when I was at North Texas University. (Only hers was packed with a lot more stuff!)

But, true Bohemian design comes with a purpose and a rhyme…

To the Bohemian reason.

Notice the colorful drapes and the hanging chair in the corner?  (Pier One has similar chairs….FYI…as well as similar pillows and cushions)

Mixing unexpected patterns in a way that shouldn’t work that somehow actually does work is what creates a cool, interesting Bohemian interior.

It’s even fun in the bathroom.  These colors definitely take an ordinary bathroom to an extraordinary level.

You can also have just as much fun in your back yard.  Isn’t this Bohemian dining “room” quaint and charming?

If you like the Bohemian style be sure to check out places like World Market, Pier One, and Homegoods.  All great places at reasonable prices that help you attain a Bohemian space.  Check these pieces out from Homegoods:

And, these pieces from World Market:

Small Luce Lantern Candleholder, Set of 3

Warm Piazza Lumbar Pillow

Venice Paisley Erin Chair

Lucille Ottoman

Great pieces at great prices.  So it’s a look that’s not only fun – it’s affordable.

A couple of fantastic “Bohemian” blogs I found you might like for more Bohemian influence and info are Inspire Bohemia and Bohemian Vintage.  Be sure and check ‘em out!

Happy Decorating!

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