Easy Wedding Crafts For The “Not So Crafty”


For you not so crafty folks out there that are looking for ways to spruce up your wedding, your party or even your home – remember……… paint is our friend!  And, no matter what you say – anyone can paint.  Especially spray paint.  And, something as simple as paint can completely change the personality of the piece. So keep that in mind for just about any and everything you need to decorate your wedding (or whatever) with.  Here’s some un-crafty crafts below that might help:


For the “photo booth” at my son’s wedding I painted several different frames that a designer friend of mine gave me for free.   (Her framer was getting rid of them so she snagged them for me.) I painted a couple of them silver to match several of the other accessories we were using.  Easy, breezy.  (The smaller ones were for the rehearsal dinner)


I took this rusty old chandelier from my back yard….


And painted it turquoise….


Along with this frame…..


Yes, I even painted a grapevine wreath.  I had an old one I hadn’t used in years so I thought, why not.   I had an extra piece of scrap wood that I painted turquoise, stenciled on the word “photo’s” to signify the photo booth area, then dry brushed on a Martha Stewart’s Pearl glaze to give it an antique look.  I added some flowers to match those used on the tables.


I had this iron piece that I used to have in my office for mail, but no longer had a use for.  So I painted it turquoise and placed some disposable cameras in it just in case someone in the camera phone world might need it.  (It wasn’t necessary…just so you know.)


I borrowed these baskets from my sister and filled each one with his and her props.  To designate each one I bought craft paper from Hobby Lobby and layered two different sheets.  On the turquoise sheets I stenciled on the “His” and “Hers” in the same stencil I used for the “Photo” sign.  To keep the signs protected I used clear stick-on laminate paper.   The laminate paper looks like this:


You just adhere the laminate to the craft paper and then cut around the shape. 


I hole punched a couple of holes at the top and tied them on with ribbon.  Doesn’t take a craft guru…promise.


At the wedding I layered the frames and chandelier, brought a chair and some accessories from home…


And, it worked like a charm for the photo booth.


A completely inexpensive way to create a little fun.


     All with very little “craftiness”, just a little recycling with our handy tool…..paint.


As you can see it worked well…


And, everyone had fun with it.




No, this isn’t the new Charlie’s Angels….it’s my daughter and nieces.


And, to top it off, they made great use of the frames after the wedding, too.  The turquoise one hangs in their dining room and the silver one is in their bedroom.   Love that!


I took a couple of brown wicker pieces off my patio and spray painted them silver to hold a couple of palm trees.


I used them at the rehearsal dinner.  You can see that blog post here.


Then I used them again at the wedding.  Here I covered the top of the container with wedding tulle at the suggestion of my friend, Joan.  Great idea, Joan!   (The palms were only $8.99 at Lowes, by the way.)


And, I purchased these black initials……


And immediately painted them silver.


One for the grooms cake….


And, one for the bridal cake – or, actually – the cupcake tower.  (It’s blurry, but it’s there in the corner.)


I had an old metal container and painted it turquoise, then distressed it with Martha Stewart’s Pearl glaze.  I placed it on the gift table for cards.  I printed out on craft paper “Place Wedding Cards Here”, laminated it and displayed it on an iron cup and saucer holder I know longer used.  Of course I painted it turquoise, too. 


Here I took an artist canvas that I had here in a closet, painted it silver and distressed it with pearl glaze.  These wooden letters were unfinished letters from Hobby Lobby that I painted and distressed to match the canvas along with the matt I used for this picture.  I glued all this and a wedding invitation to the canvas and displayed this on the sign in table.


Again what’s fun about these “crafts” is that they were able to find a new use for these pieces in their apartment.  These are all also on display in their dining room.  Cool, huh.


I wanted a charming sign to greet guests as they walked in so since I had some loose ends in my “stash” at home I decided to make use of them.  This is another artist canvas and iron embellishment I had on hand for another project that I never got around to so they came in quite handy. Yea!  See, sometimes procrastinating projects works in your favor! I screwed the iron piece into the frame at the top of the canvas then painted it turquoise and pearl like I did everything else.  Next I adhered this pearl stick on design that I got at, where else, Hobby Lobby.  I ended up having to reinforce it with a tiny bit of glue.  Then, using the same stencil I used for everything else I stenciled on their names and added the little flowers in the corner for a romantic wedding touch.


It’s the one thing I ended up not getting a picture of at the wedding.  But, I had it hanging on a turquoise wreath holder next to a lantern at the entrance.


And, it too, is hanging on the wall in there apartment now.  Again, love that!


Using another scrap of wood I nabbed from my mother’s garage I used the same process as I did on the entrance sign to create this plaque.  Only this time I used brown paint for the back ground which was another color in their wedding.  I distressed it with the pearl like the others, though, and added the same stenciling. I added the iron embellishment at the top with screws.


And, placed it in the wagon with my grandson as he was pulled down the aisle by Melissa’s little sister who was one of the flower girls.


He’s sitting on a turquoise bombo seat covered in brown organza!  Ha!  Isn’t he cute!


On the back it said “Just Married”, but in all the hoopla it didn’t end up getting flipped and used.  Bummer!


On each table we used these little signs to designate table numbers.  These are the plain plastic frames you can get at any craft store, craft paper that I cut to fit the frame and labels that I created through a website called My Own Labels (www.myownlabels.com).  I found these stick on turquoise numbers at Hobby Lobby and placed them in the center of each label.  Each label says Daniel and Melissa at the top and  “Happily Ever After” at the bottom.  Inexpensive and sweet.

So there you have it.  Plenty of easy to do crafts for the “not so crafty”.  You could take these ideas and use them not only for a wedding, but any party or gathering you may be having.  Have fun!

Happy Decorating!

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