Wood-Gas-Infrared Brick Ovens: Options For Indoors Or Outdoors


If you’re looking to beef up your outdoor kitchen or living area (or even your indoor kitchen) Renato Ovens offers Americans the “age-old tradition”, flavor and taste that wood-fire cooking offers.  It brings this ancient tradition up to date with it’s woodburning brick ovens, rotisseries and charbroilers merging the flavors of old with the innovative, techno savvy ingenuity of today.


  After years of his childhood spent as the errand runner and brick layer at a brick factory, founder Renato Riccio, left home at the age of 20 and immigrated to the United States with $3 in his pocket. He spent several years in the food industry here when he “caught a scent” and  began to long for his homeland cuisine.


He had no idea that his years of brick laying along with his years in the food industry would one day work together many years later to combine an Old World tradition and flavor from his hometown in Tuscany, Italy with new age technology for a “new way of cooking” here in the US. 


His is a product that can adapt to a large restaurant or a simple family kitchen – indoors …..




or out.


This flame-broiling method emphasizes healthy, nutritious foods, enhancing natural flavors without having to add artificial additives or seasonings.




A fun, healthy, innovative way of re-creating the ancient, age-old taste of Italy.

Click here for some of his amazing pizza recipes.

Happy Decorating!

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