Antsy For Antlers? Antler Chandeliers And More!

Antlers aren’t for everyone, but for that particular person out there it’s just what they’re looking for to complete that Hill Country living room, dining room or bedroom.  Or maybe that man cave for the hunter in their life?  Actually there’s a multitude of various rooms where antlers would be a perfect fit.


They bring to the space that extra oomph of character and personality…..


Especially fun as a chandelier….


They come in many different styles and sizes….


But, they work great on furniture, too, like this console table and bench.  Even the little accessory on top is made of antlers.


Check out this cool coffee table…..and if you look closer you’ll see that on top of the table is a candleholder/bowl made of antlers.  Lots of fun ways to incorporate the look into your home…..


Big or small….


And, if you’re not a hunter, but you want people to think you are……well, you can buy the whole head and make it look as if it’s your very own mounted trophy!  Yessiree, you can buy the whole thing!

Happy Decorating!

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