Creative Pumpkins You Can DIY!!


It’s funny how no matter where we go there is always some sort of little design tip to be found.   When I took my mom to the hospital for her cataract surgery I was pleasantly surprised to see the creative pumpkin contest they had going on at the hospital.  Some GREAT ideas for those of you looking for creative Halloween pumpkins this year.


You may not be able to tell, but the kitty here is a pumpkin, too.  Creative and fun!


Perfect for members of my extended family.


Great pirate pumpkin.


A sweet little swan……


Intricately carved designs……check out the sign with the theme.


And, my favorite….the pageant pumpkin!  Ha-ha!  A pumpkin with swagger and sass!


Notice, the draperies behind her to signify the stage.  Love it.

Too fun.  Hope this gives you some crafty ideas for your own little pumpkin patch!

Happy Decorating!!

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