Create Your Own White Christmas Wherever You Are!


If you live in an area where you never or rarely see snow and want to bring a “White Christmas” to your home be of good cheer! christmas-tree-ideas-60

Make it happen with your décor!  Do your tree in all white ornaments and ribbon.  white company one

Add touches of white, crystal and silver to your table and dresser tops… Bedroom-White-Holiday-Stockings-HTOURS1206-de

Bring it to your space with stockings. Fireplace-White-Christmas-decoration Christmas-Tree-White-Room-HTOURS1206-de

Wrap all your gifts in white paper with silver, white or gold ribbon.

white christmas decoration

Silver always looks good with white….  white-christmas-decorations-3-554x4151 white-pine-cone-Christmas-decorations-ideas  white-christmas-decorations-6-554x415

But, then, so does gold…. turquoise-and-white-christmas-tree-decoration-2

White with blue or turquoise always translates to a snowy, wintery, Christmassy feel like this space above.  So if you happen to have these colors… with ‘em……they work great with white. Elegantly lit  holiday dinner table with white ribboned gift

Bring white it into all your Christmas details…..  White Christmas annette hus

And, if you’re lucky enough to have white furnishings….

All the better to have yourself a very merry “White Christmas” no matter where you live!

Happy Decorating!

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