The Cozy Colors Of Fall: Dress Up Your Space With The Spirit of Thanksgiving!


I love fall and all the cozy colors associated with it….And, I love decorating with these colors because they bring a certain warmth to the home that no other holiday does.


Don’t know what it is about them other than they have a way of inviting us into the autumn season, welcoming Thanksgiving and transitioning our homes and our minds to “Holiday Time” in general. 

But, while I love the holidays I don’t necessarily want to rearrange my whole house to accommodate holiday decorations – I prefer instead to simply incorporate the colors into my own existing décor.  On my porch I just add simple touches like pumpkins, a little touch of garland over my door, mums in my planter and a simple pre-made wreath.  Not a lot of “stuff”….just a touch.


In the spring and summer I go with real flowers, but in the fall and winter I use artificial flowers and just insert them right into the dirt I normally use to pot the real ones.



These aren’t real pumpkins so they last throughout Halloween and Thanksgiving.


In my entry way I keep my regular wreath and just add some fall leaves to give it a new personality.


Same with my little antique stroller.  It stays there year round – I just add holiday touches to it. 



The floral-scape on top of my entry armoire always has flowers, but in the fall I just take autumn stems and incorporate them right into my existing arrangement.  I also add other little touches like the giant corn on the cob. (Tip:  Having a table in the entry makes a great place to display the colors and themes of each holiday.)


Fall colors create a bit of a cozy, inviting vibe and the feeling of fall even here in Texas where it stays warm sometimes right into December.


And, it takes very little time to do.





I add simple touches here and there.  This cornucopia is just filled with pumpkin and floral stems.  Easy, breezy…..


This takes a bit more effort, but it’s still a quick temporary arrangement.  This is literally just a group of different fall floral stems, picks and clusters that I crammed into a vase I keep on hand.  They’re not even secured in styrofoam.  I added a pumpkin for fun.  It may look complicated, but I promise it’s not.  It took all of five or ten minutes.  Seriously!


That way when Thanksgiving is over I can just separate the stems and store them in a storage bin instead of having a giant floral arrangement to contend with.


Another armoire with just a simple touch of fall color….


And a decorative box I placed under some books.


Using a fall candle ring around your existing candles is an easy way to pull in a fall touch, too.


And, again, a little touch of fall leaves in my pot rack…..


And in the planter in my powder bath….just adds that little touch of autumn coziness.


In my dining room I just wanted a snippet of fall color so I just added a copper metal pumpkin to my daily table arrangement.

It doesn’t have to be a huge ordeal adding a little holiday touch to your home.  I know a lot of people dread it and are overwhelmed by it.  But, adding all this to my home took me less than an hour (and that includes dragging it out of the attic).  So don’t feel overwhelmed at the thought of having to expend too much energy to create a home for the fall holidays.  Just add a touch here and a touch there and voila’ your ready to welcome Thanksgiving and the cozy feel of fall.

Happy Decorating!!!

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