English Design: For The Lover Of All Things English


While many people these days prefer a more soft contemporary, or transitional – clean line, clutter free, no frills – approach to decorating which is the current trend, there are still a great many traditionalists out there who love a traditional European approach….And more specifically good old English Interior Design.


And, one thing you’ll no doubt see in a truly traditional English home is decorative English plates.


They bring a decidedly English touch of charm to a space…..


As do the traditional Staffordshire dogs you see in all three pictures shown above.  Leather bound books are a common theme as well.   This is an example of  typical English styled book shelves.


But, there’s some fun and funk involved, too.  Like this cool table with this iron base and the rainforest marble top.



Tapestry fabrics and rich leathers are abundant in English design.  As are rich woods and a barley twist leg.


Subtly painted furniture is very common….


Always charming and effective….


Intricate patterns in muted tones lend a rather regal, artistic flair to a space….and yet remains warm, cozy and people friendly. 


Good English design serves a dual purpose in creating a classic, timeless space and yet a warmth that welcomes the spirit as well.


You can go with an overtly traditional English style….





To a bit more of a tailored look…..



To downright hip and swank.

So if you’re of the mind to stick with your first love…..a traditional English Interior….instead of the current emphasis toward “the transitional” go for it with great gusto.  Create an English inspired space with careful attention to detail in selecting your furnishings, your accessories and your draperies.  You can’t go wrong with this look.  It is a timeless, classic style that will serve you well for years and years…….and years to come. 

Just like it has for generations.

Happy Decorating!

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