WE’VE BEEN ELFED!!! An Unexpected Christmas Game!


Some of you out there may have heard of this little Christmas game before, but I hadn’t until last night when the door bell rang.  We just assumed it was someone coming to visit my daughter until my husband opened the door to find no one there, but this bag and this note.


That’s when we found out we’d been “elfed”.  Per the instructions we are to take the goodies from the bag and put this “We’ve Been Elf-ed!” sign on the door so neighbors know we’ve already been tagged.  Then we’re to duplicate the gesture for someone else.


See what we got?  How cute is this?


We’ll be enjoying this in our new Christmas mugs it came with! 

Now I’m going to have some fun of my own by re-filling the bag with my own choice of goodies, making a copy of the sign and sneaking out to “Elf” another unsuspecting neighbor.

How fun is that!?

Happy Decorating!

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