Okay, so I know I just did a post on animal print which includes lots of black and white zebra which I love, love, love…..but I just felt like sharing another fave of mine that boasts the same colors.  It’s the black and white, or black and cream harlequin pattern. 

with white painted pattern

Love it!!  Something about it is just happy and fun to me.  Harlequin patterns in general are one of my fave’s, but in these colors they really spark some sass and boldness.


They have a lively, spirited personality or something……


Like wearing that spunky, funky pair of shoes and matching belt that everyone stops and compliments you on.  (Not everyone would wear them…but, they think they’re fun and catchy none-the-less.)


Black and white harlequin lights up a room no matter what it’s on.


See how this ordinary black light fixture is revved up by the harlequin liner?


Looks good distressed, too.


Large patterns….


Or small patterns….



“It’s all good!”


Black and white harlequin floors are super cool, too.  This look has some sass….but, it also has some serious class!


Don’t you love the look?  I wish I could do them in my home office.  (I have waaaay too much furniture to ever get motivated to replace the floor – at least anytime soon.  Maybe some day.)

Norma Lee Good dot com harlequin painted furniture_thumb[5]

And if you’re the crafty type you could do something like this yourself.  Paint an old chest white, create a large harlequin pattern, trace out the shape on the face of the piece (I’d go ahead and do the sides, too, actually) and paint the inside of the pattern black.  How hard could that be?  Love the crown knobs they used, too.  Nice compliment to the “court jester” pattern.  Smile  This would also look good with a tea stain glaze covering the entire piece.  Just sayin’.

Happy Decorating!

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