I know this is outside my normal blog posts, but I saw these and thought…….this could actually be really fun for a second home.

2012-12-29 09.25.01

Definitely outside the box, definitely unusual…..

2012-12-29 09.25.06

A little wacky….and a conversation piece for sure…

2012-12-29 09.25.16

But, I mean….what a cool place to hang out with family and friends.  Wouldn’t you feel a little like the Swiss Family Robinson’s?

By the TreeHouse Co.
Kilmarnock, Scotland

$4 million to $6 million

When the Duke and Duchess of Northumberland laid out plans to create the largest public gardens in all of Europe, they commissioned the TreeHouse Co. to create a gigantic tree house that would house a 120-seat restaurant, a retail shop, two classrooms, and two private dining rooms. Opened in January, 2005, the Treehouse at Alnwick Gardens is a labyrinth of turrets, treetop walkways, and cavernous spaces. At 6,000 square feet, it’s one of the largest wooden tree houses in the world.

Imagine waking up in this and walking over to the balcony with your coffee…

2012-12-29 09.25.38

Although I don’t know what the heck you do if the tree should die.

2012-12-29 09.25.45

This one looks like a little hobbit house.

2012-12-29 09.25.59

From rustic to modern.  Does this make you think of the Jetson’s? Wow.   If I were ever to go for such a thing I’d go for a more rustic look myself.  This looks out of place to me.

2012-12-29 09.26.32

Maybe just a cool guest house in the back yard is more apropos. 

Whatever the case….this radical look is definitely not for everyone, but totally cool just the same.  I’d love to get my hands on one to decorate!  How fun would that be?!

Happy Decorating!

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