We can’t all have the “extreme cool” in the entrance we might find in an English countryside or a courtyard in France, especially those of us in a normal suburban neighborhood.  But, we can definitely make them more appealing, cozy and inviting. 

2013-01-01 18.58.52

It’s fun to see the excessive charm of these unusual countryside entrances…

2011-09-06 18.54.19

The air of mystery and intrigue some of these estates get to capture.

2013-01-01 18.57.20

Don’t you want to peek behind the door?

2013-01-01 18.57.24

I bet this mysterious entrance has a “story” or two to tell…

2013-01-01 18.58.34

And, this one is just plain fun.

2013-01-01 18.57.47

We might not be able to re-create most of these doors and entrances in suburbia without looking completely out of place, but something like this would work. 

Or, this….

Or this.

Cozy, happy, charming and inviting….

Don’t forget to bring those qualities to your own front door!

Happy Decorating!

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