My last blog post was on “fun and fabulous place settings” that create an “experience” rather than just a meal.  Well, that holds true with the dining room itself, too. When it comes to feasting there’s nothing more inviting than a cozy, charming ambiance in the dining area.  I think we all agree that dining is much more pleasant, much more enjoyable…..and becomes more of an experience in a “super cool” space!


A cool dining space creates the proper “mood” or vibe and sets the pace for the evening.  It should make our guests feel warm and welcome, ready for a nice, long evening of good food, good conversation and good fun. This casual space has a warm ambiance with its cobblestone floors, stone wall, chunky wood table, etc.  Doesn’t the thought of a nice dinner here seem appealing?


Or for the more formal – how about this?  Sort of a grandiose, opulent entrance and overall ambiance.  But, warm, intriguing and inviting just the same.  (I’d like a dining room like this and a kitchen like the one above!)


You can see this amazing space sets a different tone….


As does this…..




Or even this.  Unusual, but fun!  Maybe not so comfy for us “older folks”!  I’m afraid my knees might get stuck permanently and I might never get back up!  But, it’s a cool look for the young and flexible just the same.


And, for another kitchen/dining space how fun is this?  What a happy place to sit with a glass of wine, friends, family and great food.

Now that’s an experience!

Happy Decorating!

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