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First of all – apologies for the lack of blog posts lately!!  I’ve been off the charts busy with various client projects and there’s barely been time left to breathe.  So unfortunately blogging has had to take a back seat.  So for those of you who subscribe to or frequent my blog I’m SO SORRY!!  But, I’m trying!  As they say, “I’m dancin’ as fast as I can.” Smile

Okay…onto the business of design….

I’ve done several blog posts on having fun with tile, but after seeing some of these interesting displays I wanted to show you some great new looks and styles out there that might inspire you for your next tile project.

2013-01-25 14.17.23

Take a look at this fun shower.  Notice all these interesting textures and the mix of size, shape and style.  Tumbled stone on the shower surround with a band of a rough hewn stacked stone.  Here they’ve placed a pencil rail mold  above and below the band for a finished look.  And, how cool is this look with the wood-look tiles at the bottom of the shower?

2013-01-25 14.17.37

Here are long tiles in varying widths.  A great look for walls or floors.

2013-01-31 08.59.39

This pebble look is a fun look for a shower bringing in a touch of the rustic outdoors.

2013-01-31 09.00.22

And, look at this fun rustic, wood-look tile in this fun pattern.  See how versatile and fun you can get with tile these days.

2013-02-11 09.11.57

A great contemporary display with this linear look tile mixed with the square tile placed at an angle.

2013-02-11 09.12.14

With all the textures, colors and styles the patterns you can create are limitless…..

2013-02-11 09.12.19

2013-02-11 09.12.23

2013-02-11 09.12.40

2013-02-11 09.12.49

2013-02-11 09.12.58

2013-02-11 09.13.11

2013-02-11 09.13.15

2013-02-11 09.13.21

2013-02-11 09.13.25

2013-02-11 09.13.30

2013-02-11 09.13.44

So as I’ve said many, many times before think outside the box and have some fun.  Don’t do “ordinary” do “extraordinary”….

And, get stylin’ with your tilin’!!!

Happy Decorating!


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