The Cream of the Crop: Anchor Your Space With Neutrals


I recently did a post, "…Beige: It Doesn’t Have To Be Boring and today I want to talk about another neutral……cream….and the fun and versatility you can have with it.

2013-01-01 18.53.10_thumb[1]

Yes, I admit if you have young children cream may not be the color choice for you unless it’s a washable slipcover.  Which, by the way, is great way to go.  But, if young kiddo’s aren’t an issue give this color some consideration.  It’s fresh, it’s clean and it goes with absolutely any color on earth.

2013-01-01 19.03.40_thumb[1]

You can keep the accent colors at a minimum like this and just bring in interest with greenery and dark accent pieces for a great look….


You can bring in some accent patterns like this zebra pattern….

2008-09-21 04.45.20_thumb[1]

Give it a little personality with a small, but bold punch of red…


Or you could bring in a lot of personality and have fun with a big, bold punch of red….


Notice the extreme personality change in the space depending upon what color it’s paired with?  You’ll notice here it creates a soft, soothing palette when paired with these soft blues and greens….



So whether it’s gray and yellow….

pretty living room 3

A Valentine pink….


Or a sunny, joyful yellow….

2005-07-27 17.16.25_thumb[1]

If you start with cream as your base seating the sky is the limit regarding the pattern and color you pair with it.  And, if you get board with the accent color some day….the beauty is you can change it without having to reupholster all of your furniture!  Just switch out the accent color and    re-paint.  Yep, it’s an economical, practical way to go as well. 

So if you’re redecorating your space right now and looking for a starting point….cream just may be the color for you.

Happy Decorating!

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