Color In The Kitchen: Orange?????


To continue with my color in the kitchen series I thought I’d be bold and introduce you to the color……orange.  I know, I know most of us wouldn’t dare….


But, for those of you who love color and want to have fun with it think about the color of orange for your kitchen.  Granted it’s a color more often used for a modern space….


But, it works in a traditional kitchen, too.



It’s kind of a crazy color to think of for the kitchen, but for the right person…in the right house…you never know….


It could totally work.  Here they combined it with red for an interesting, unusual color scheme.  And, check out the fun back splash.


It’s fresh, it’s fun….


So, who knows….maybe it’s the color for your kitchen….

“Orange” you willing to be open-minded?? 


Happy Decorating!!

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