After my daughter saw the wall I did for a guest room (shown below) using fabric she decided it was exactly what she wanted to do in her apartment to give life to a rather “lifeless” wall she had in her living room.  We had already painted some of the other walls so she wanted to get creative and do something fun with fabric like this. 


Problem was – I, on the other hand – wasn’t willing to pay hundreds of dollars on actual fabric for an apartment she’d only be in eight more months.  So I told her we’d have to look for inexpensive sheets and if we could find them in a pattern she liked I’d help her do it.


Fortunately I found this black and soft white damask print she loves in a king size sheet set at Ross for a whopping $16.99.  I needed king size because of the height and length of the wall.


This way I was able to staple the finished edge at the top of the wall at the ceiling, run it down the length of the wall and turn the sides and bottom under for a clean edge.


If you remove the outlets you can just use a box cutter or scissor to cut a small opening for the cables and/or switch plates.


One king size flat sheet covered most of the wall, but we had to add a small piece to finish.  So I had to cut the elastic edge off the fitted sheet in order to piece it together correctly.  (Two flat sheets would have been much easier, but these only came in sets so we had to improvise) Alyssa was my assistant, smoothing out the sheet while I matched the design and stapled.


It took a whopping two hours, tops, and voila – a fun, new wall.  We’re going to add some art or picture frames, but for now the wall has added life that a plain white apartment wall just doesn’t have.


So when she sits on her cozy little couch in her cozy little apartment to watch TV now (which, by the way, she decorated herself) she has the added drama of her new damask patterned wall.

A fun, easy-breezy, inexpensive way to decorate. 

Happy Decorating!

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