I think there’s something universal about what makes a great guest room or B&B cozy, warm and inviting.  It’s just something we all feel innately when we walk through the door.  A sort of enveloping of the spirit and a connection or belonging.  We may not know exactly what it is that draws us, we just know it does. 


When you consider all the details that make up a warm, inviting guest room there are a few things that bare mentioning.  One of them being lush, luxurious bedding of course.  Always clean, fresh, updated fabrics.  Dated or dreary fabrics just don’t have the same appeal, do they? 


And, there’s something about a canopy bed that seems to have universal appeal as well.  Lots of flowing fabric to cocoon the bed and create a feeling of being scooped up and embraced.  Not only is it romantic, it’s just plain comforting.


Layering the bedding is always a welcoming touch as well.  Place a solid coverlet on the bed and fold back a decorative comfort on the lower half with matching shams.  If you don’t want a full canopy feel just draping the fabric at the head of the canopy bed creates a touch of that warm embrace and cocooning, too.  Not to mention it just adds to the creative warmth of the space.


Crisp white linens are always refreshing and inviting set against a backdrop of color like this.  Notice here the cool canopy at the head of the bead.  It just adds that exclamation point to the space that makes a great guest room….well…..great.

Entire room_thumb[1]

An updated twist on an older or antique piece creates a hip sort of warmth by marrying the old with the new.  A fresh coat of paint and fabric goes a long way in transforming, but it doesn’t take away from the natural warmth and integrity of the original piece.   There is just something fun and wonderful about the vibe pieces like this bring to a space.


Keeping the overall color scheme a neutral palette with subtle pops of color creates an atmosphere of elegance as well as warmth.  And, bringing interesting elements such as the lighting and the mirrored nightstand just add that extra touch of pizzazz.  Of course, that combination makes the ultimate guest room….regal and warm at the same time.


Not only do all white linens have a refreshing appeal….so does an all white bed.  Again, an older piece with a fresh coat of paint goes a long way in drawing your guests in with a certain charm and personality.


If you have enough room to add a quaint sitting area it’s always a sweet touch in a guest room.  (Even if your guests don’t use it – it just looks inviting Smile)


When you have something as architecturally interesting as this sort of space you don’t need a lot of fabric and fluff to help it out.  It generally speaks for itself with the detailing and textures.  But, finishing it off with the right furnishings is still important in creating that cozy feel.  Here these simple clean, fresh linens and antique pieces are perfect for this space.  Cozy, warm, inviting.


This is one of my own guest rooms.  Since I don’t have all that cool architectural detailing I created interest with rust-colored textured walls with the chipped brick patches randomly throughout (sorry you can’t see the chipped brick in this picture).  Then I used some of the tips mentioned above to create a welcoming environment:  A canopy bed, a solid spread layered with another spread folded back at the base of the bed and matching shams.  And, in front of the bed is a bench for sitting.  This seems to be the favorite guest room in the house.

So if you’re working on your own guest room consider these tips and think about what it is that appeals to you as a guest.  What colors, what style makes you happy, warm and welcome?  Think about those things and apply them to your own space.  If you feel that sense of warmth and comfort in your own guest room no doubt your guests will feel it as well.

Happy Decorating!

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