Just because the cleaner, less fussy, “transitional” theme seems to be the talk of the town these days it doesn’t mean the charm of timeless traditional has ceased to exist.  French Country in particular still stands strong as a timeless design choice – refined yet lighthearted, elegant yet inviting. 


There are specific details that constitute French Country design.  One such detail is the combination of soft fabrics such as cotton and linens in varying patterns.  Checks with florals and toile are commonly used in this design.


The use of distressed wood and quaint china are typical elements of French Country décor and adds elegant French charm to a kitchen.


Artfully placed traditional French Country pieces such as this chair and urn with more modern touches bring the old world charm to a new age look and still provides an overall French Country “vibe” to the space.


Roosters are big, big, big in French Country décor seen here paired with the check and toile so commonly used.  And, though, many people are just sort of “over” roosters these days don’t dismiss them altogether.  They’re still very popular in classic French Country and they still add that cozy element to a true French Country space.


A blue and yellow color palette is commonly used in French Country décor as seen here.  And, you’ll notice the mixing of patterns with the plaid, the stripes, the floral, etc.  A happy space – full of vibrant personality and warmth.


Spectacular bathrooms that bring on the glitz is often seen in French Country design and always with that slant towards the feminine.  The sleek lines of the linen cabinet, the traditional lines of the chair and the unexpected touch with the mirrored bathtub all combined for that “French Country” touch of elegance.


These painted wood floors, this cane bed and ornate mirror all create a fresh French Country bedroom setting.

If you don’t want to do the entire space in French Country décor just add a piece or two.  Both of these pieces, one with these classic ornate curves and feminine design as well as the clean lines of this chair, are decidedly and uniquely French. 

Whether you choose to do your entire space in French Country or just add a touch you can’t go wrong with this classic, timeless style. 

Happy Decorating!

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