Okay, so I admit it…….I kinda lost my bloggin’ mojo lately so it’s been awhile.  Sorry!  You know how it goes…..life just sometimes takes over and there’s just no time to breathe, much less anything else.  So please forgive me…..I’m trying to get back into the “bloggin” swing of things.


One of the first things I want to blog about after my…..shall we say……”brief hiatus” is some of the cool finds I found at the semi-annual furniture market in High Point, North Carolina.   And, one of those cool finds was the abundance of burlap, beiges and creams in varying combinations and textures.  This combo created a number of warm and welcoming vignettes like this one above. 

Love the tufted bed in this linen look with the burlap canopy behind it. 





Notice the cool doors behind the mis-matched night stands and the matching chandeliers. 








And how about the cool touch of gold……I mean….did you ever think gold would be cool again?  (Interior design is just like clothing…..things will always roll back around and come back in style.  Maybe with a bit of a new twist, but styles are cyclical – just like fashion – and make there way back to “cool” just when you least expect.) 


  I know I say this all the time, but……I need one more room in my house to decorate so I can decorate it like this.  I’m lovin’ the white washed wood everywhere, too.


This is a fun dining space with the scallop edge on the bench paired with the traditional French chairs and this rustic wood and iron table.  Very casual and relaxed…..but, with a hip feel, too.


A little different dining vibe here with a tad more formality.  The tufted chairs flanking the cream chest and the fun lighting softens the space with the sweet dining chairs and white washed table.  The addition of clean, white dishware gives an air of sophistication and class to the dining table.  (You can’t go wrong with white dishware!)


See the shutters behind the night tables?  Great look.  And, the linen look, four poster bed is fabulous with this bed bench.


And, how fun would it be to do a room like this?  All beige, burlap and fabulous!  And, I mean with this cluster of lighting and the distressed back drop with the shutters.  All of it.  There is just something super hip, and yet extremely warm and inviting about this space.  The little touch of gray pillows add a certain “chicness” to the otherwise beige and cream vignette.


All the details keep in line with the beige and burlap theme as well.


A fun idea for a book shelf is to use old books like this as fillers.  All either neutral tones or with the jackets plucked right off them to stay consistent with the neutral “look”.  And, here again you’ll notice the gold on the edge of the book shelves and on the mirror.  Yep, gold….it’s back with a vengeance.   And, it works well with this cool look. 

Burlap, beige and beautiful!

Happy Decorating!

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