With all the vignettes and showrooms to meander through in High Point there was obviously a wide array of styles and color to see.  And, this one below was one of the most fun.


There was just a certain joy and spunk in every corner with all the lighthearted, cheerful color, the playful furnishings and accessories.  I love it all, but I especially love this sofa with its mixed patterns and “happy” fabrics.


Take a closer look at this creative wall.   The chalkboard paint with the fun, silly chalk drawings offers a whimsical back drop for the already whimsical wall art.  A great display of color against the black wall. 

You just can’t help but smile. Smile


They created all sorts of amusement with simple coats of brightly colored paint on objects throughout.  This fun green table is an expressive, almost gleeful pop of color next to the colorful antique sofa….


And, of course, it’s just as fun in the pink.


The hot pink lamp stand with the stripe shade is a quirky touch, offering a playful, quaint appeal.  (You could do this to your own “tired” floor lamp with a little paint and a new lamp shade…..just FYI)


And, how incredibly adorable is the same stripe on this light fixture?  Layered with the scallop edge just underneath and the flowers attached…….so whimsical and fun.


This orange against the black is a joyful pairing, too.  Throw in the lime green and the hot pink and it’s one cheery, almost carefree, space. 


And, when you throw in a piece like this sofa with its more “serious” style, surrounded by all the lighthearted, fun accessories and furnishings it sort of anchors the space with a bit more “grown up” feel; giving it even more personality and intrigue. 

Fun, fun stuff to see…….

Hope this motivates you to create your own “Happy Space”!

Happy Decorating!

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