I’m not going to pretend to have any excuses for not blogging of late.  Sad smile  It’s simply the “busy-ness” of life and work, children and grandchildren……and on and on and on it goes. Smile

But, it’s all good.  Because, being busy with work and a family I adore is a blessing I can’t deny.  So while I hate that my blogging has been sluggish of late I must say I’m grateful my life is full and happy.

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Aside from God – this crew comes first in my life, then work and then alas……my blogging.  (Ahem…..and, of course there are friends and a social life thrown in there, too…) Most of you, I’m quite confident, can completely understand.  Am I right?……I hope?  Anyway, apologies once again, all the way around!

But, upon my re-entry into the blogosphere I thought I’d touch on some darling children’s rooms I saw while I was in High Point for the spring market.


Like this sweet space. 

Notice the bright colors here in contrast to the simple black and white print chairs.  This color scheme bodes well together, the black and white along with the cream furniture sort of anchoring the vibrancy of the buoyant colors.  And, notice the symmetry in the juxtaposition of the chairs, night stands and lamps?

Sometimes with loud colors and/or prints reigning it in with symmetry is the perfect balance – as seen here.


These fun colors, again, are anchored by the cream colored furniture and lightly colored wall.  Perfect balance of color and “stuff”…..a clean defined look with no canopy on the beds…and similar pictures over each one.  Notice the reverse colors on the bedding, too?  This gives each bed it’s own personality without detracting from the fun and freshness of the space.


Here is a great use of the popular grays and yellows.  Perhaps for a tween or two who need the bunk beds, but want a more “grown up” vibe.  The wide yellow and white stripe is the perfect contrast with the gray wall paper.  And, the popular yellow and white chevron pattern on the floor adds to the fun and the “experience” you feel walking into the space.


And, for the tweener boys, this style bunk bed always works well for saving space in a small to medium size room, allowing for more “move about” space on the floor.  And, speaking of floors… do you like this splatter painted concrete floor?  Actually a fun, non- destructive floor for active, not so neat boys.  A look for the brave of heart….although I suppose if you didn’t like it you could cover it back up with carpet.


Fun color shown here with the splattered floor again.  The straight lines of the panel bed and nightstands once again tone down the vibrant colors providing the right balance.  A fun little habitat for a tween or teen boy.


And, how’s this for a swanky teen bed?  Has a grown up loft bedroom sort of a feel.  Good to flop on, but provides a clean, sleek look.  It comes with the little table you see shown here. 


A teen’s dream, girl or boy.



If you or your daughter are looking for a great space to duplicate how about this fun space.  Notice the details here:  The horizontal stripe wallpaper and furry ottomans provide punch and interest in contrast to the traditional style braided rug.  Again, the bed is flanked by symmetrical chairs, nightstands and lamps. The carefully placed artwork in the sleek black frames over the bed is the perfect finishing touch. Grown up and girlie, but with a hint of the “inner child’’ permeating the space, too.


This busy space might seem a little….shall we say…..”cray-cray” for some – I’ll give you that.  But, it all truth it was just plain fun.  If busy is your and your teen’s “thing” here’s a look worth duplicating.

Here are some more fun pictures that might help give you some ideas and design direction:






Fun stuff, huh?

Hope you walk away from this blog with lots of cheerful ideas churning in your head for you or your child’s room!

I’ll do my absolute best to return very soon!


Happy Decorating!

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