As one of three friends who were giving a baby shower for a dear friend of ours (who was expecting her first grandbaby) we decided to build the shower around children’s story books.  It seemed the appropriate theme to go with since the young mother-to-be is a librarian at an elementary school. My role was to create a “personalized story book” about the young couple to coincide with our “story book” theme.  So I decided to use my own Christmas gift from my daughter-in-law as my inspiration.


She bought these book pages and rings at Hobby Lobby (they are located in the craft paper section, by the way).  And, she added some embellishments to the front like this….


And different craft paper prints cut to fit on the inside with sweet notes from family and friends.


Isn’t it great?


So I copied her – tweaking it to our baby boy’s theme…


And used baby-esque craft paper…


Cut to fit…


And, continued this throughout the book.  I purchased 3D baby-themed stickers and placed them randomly throughout the book as well.


Then I made little card holders for gift cards and little notes for mom like this. 


I attached a card holder to each page.  Most of these held gift cards to her store of choice from guests and the others had notes with quotes for mom-to-be.


I typed up the story and cut out paragraphs with my fun, funky shaped scissors to spread throughout the pages…


And, it turned out like this. 

In case you’d like to read the little story here it is:

Once upon a time there

was a dashing, handsome

young prince named Chris

who roamed the land.

He was a pleasant fellow,

filled with a quiet charm and

a friendly, warm personality.

He knew his life to be good and was grateful for his

many blessings. But, deep in his heart there was a

gnawing inside – for he longed for his “one and only”

to share life with.

Someone who would walk with him on his path through

life and share in life’s adventures. Aaaah, but Chris was

a choosey lad and knew she would have to be just the right fit.

He searched high and low to find “the one”, but,

alas to no avail.

Just when he was about to give up all hope –

along came the woman who turned his head and brightened

the light inside his heart. He knew instantly she was “the one”.

Yes, this young woman, Carolyn, was the one to share in his

kingdom and he knew that life could only be better if joyfully yoked with her.

So, quite happily,

they got married and

set out on life’s journey

together. It was a pleasant

time as they created a cozy life

in their kingdom;

and once again they

joyfully counted their


They often shared a smile

and hug and were very

grateful. Until one day

they realized that deep

in their hearts there was

a gnawing inside – for a

baby to join them in their

path through life.

And, so began plans

to add a beautiful little

prince or princess to

their fold. It mattered

not whether

it was a girl or a boy –

for they would welcome either

one of course.

After many months of

planning and waiting

they soon discovered

they would be welcoming

a little baby prince into

their kingdom.


they set about busily

preparing for their little

one’s arrival.

As Carolyn’s tummy grew oftentimes she and

her prince would share a smile and a hug and

feel very grateful.

And, now… the story continues Prince Chris and

Princess Carolyn, along with their family, friends and

entire kingdom

eagerly await the arrival of their precious

baby boy and future heir to the throne.


Then I added this little embellishment to the back.


In addition to a special little gift it made a great little table decoration.

A fun, personalized gift for baby and parents-to-be.

Happy Decorating!

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