Are you someone who is looking to re-do a space, but you’re just not sure what direction you want to go? 

Well, I’m in the same boat so join me in trying to figure it out.  I’m looking to re-do my “piano room”, aka my “girlie room” – a place where I go to read or sit with my girl friends, nap, etc.  It’s in desperate need of a serious “update”, but I can’t quite decide what direction I want to go with it. 


As a designer there are so many looks that I love I’m not sure which one I want to settle on.  I love a Cottage Style, I love a Hill Country style, I love a Transitional Style, I love a “Modern” Traditional Style, I love Hollywood Glam….and yes, I still even love a Tuscan style.  So which one do I want to see in my “girlie room” for years to come?  Which one would be most suited for my home, most relaxing, most appealing for the long haul? 

This picture above actually combines several of these styles with an overall Hollywood Glam vibe to it.  And, I have to say – I like this a lot.


And, well, with me being a girlie girl and all I could really see my space evolve into a Hollywood Glam sort of nook. 

So that’s what I’ve started looking at first.   Hollywood Glam.   This style could go traditional or transitional and bring in the sumptuous textures and bling that I love.


Silks, gold, silver, glass….a certain sparkle and sheen….


Animal print and velvets are always a great fit for Hollywood Glam….


As is purple and lime green.  And, a particular sort of “swank”…..


But, do I want clean and serene with neutral upholstery and a little splash of color…..


Do I prefer to keep out a strong splash of color and keep the overall look subtle…..(cuz there’s still a lot of “bam” with this sort of Hollywood Glam)


Do I want a bold statement like this navy, gray and yellow?


Maybe this rich black and cream?


Although I love all of the above, as I give it more and more thought, I think I find myself drawn to creams and a more subtle color palette like this cream and gray.


Or something like this…..


Or this dreamy space…..

Kind of like lounging in a cloud, don’t you think?  (I wouldn’t mind lounging in a cloud.)

Now to consider the other styles before I make up my mind…..

Hmmmmm…….I just don’t know….what would you do?

Happy Decorating!

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