My daughter transferred up to OSU in Stillwater, Oklahoma this year – (as an Interior Design major by the way).  And, while sad to see her go we were also happy and excited for her to embark on this new chapter in her life and experience university life.


Her new roommate, Lauren, who was also transferring there, and her roommate’s mom had gone up early and found several housing options to consider before we all decided on this adorable little house.


Both girls have a knack for decorating and they have the same taste in style so pulling together their “look” came fairly easily.  Especially considering their color scheme was spot on with each other.  They each contributed different pieces of furniture and accessories all in styles and colors that worked together seamlessly.


My daughter, Alyssa, brought the rug, the table and the chairs.  Lauren brought the sectional, end table and lamps.  They combined their pillows on the sectional and they combined their draperies for the windows and doorway to the kitchen.


They filled this empty space above the sectional with this nicely displayed shelf (with the help of Lauren’s mom).  Again, a combination of each girl’s accessories.


This chest was one that I got for free from a client of mine.  It was originally a blonde wood with dated hardware.  Alyssa painted it a soft blue (paint that I had left over from a client job), distressed the edges with antique gold rub, then switched out the handles with these cool, fun knobs and pulls from Hobby Lobby.


Their decorating style, coupled with the cozy charm of the home itself with it’s hardwood floors and simple architecture has resulted in a certain “charm” and “coziness” you feel the second you walk through the door.


Alyssa’s room reflects two styles she really likes – Bohemian and a Cottage style.  She chose simple white bedding to offset and anchor all the colors she wanted to incorporate into her room.  Blues, greens, reds, yellows, etc.  She wanted to drape the bed with netting and lights and carry the lights around the parameter of the room.


She needed a footstool so her little aging Chihuahua could hop on the bed by herself so I brought this one from home and recovered it in this yellow patterned fabric.  Yellow is her favorite color of late and this fit perfectly in her room.


Using the same blue paint and antique gold she used for the family room chest Alyssa painted and distressed what was once a deep red table giving it a fresh, new look for her room.  These bird pulls from Hobby Lobby were also transformed to a new look by rubbing the antique gold all over them to match the distressed corners.


This green blanket and colorful pillows cover the brown tweed fabric underneath this chair donated by her grandmother.


An old singer sewing machine painted antique white (this came from one of my guest rooms) gives the room a touch of cottage charm as it provides a surface for her collection of jewelry.


This old door hanging on the wall was originally brown with black wrought iron.  Again, she painted it blue and painted the wrought iron a vibrant yellow.  A beautiful display for her necklaces.


This little corner of her room encompasses all her colors and says a little about her personality, beliefs and thoughts. (She painted the yellow and white striped piece with her initials on it)


You’ll notice her roommate, Lauren’s, bedding is also white (completely unplanned) with a splash of the same colors Alyssa has in her room.


Rattan baskets add much needed additional storage.


Although their personalities and the decorating styles are very similar – their pets are not.  This is the home for Lauren’s pet snake. Yep……a snake…..and it’s hunkered down in there somewhere. 


It had just shed it’s skin when I was there which Alyssa is proudly displaying here.  Ahem……can you say….ewwwwwweee!


Her mom found this great little Bohemian chest tucked comfortably here for storage.


Just like her roomie…..a little bit Bohemian….a little bit Cottage….a whole lot of “cool” and “charm”.


This great little wreath hangs outside her door – compliments of Lauren’s mom, Debbie.  Debbie definitely has “the knack”, too, (in fact she’s co-owner of an adorable shop called The Bee Hive here in town that sells furniture, accessories, jewelry and clothes).


Lauren, like her mom, is the crafty type with a full set of paints and brushes on hand when the creative urge hits her.  She created this sweet sign for her room.


A girl’s gotta have a place for her jewelry.  Might as well make “wall art” with it….right?


To dress up the plain black mirrors on her door she glued on this craft paper edge.  Adds a great, feminine touch.


Their tiny kitchen is cozy and quaint with a combination of their accessories.


Alyssa’s favorite flower is the sunflower and you can see them throughout the house.  Here they’re tucked into the corner with another of Lauren’s paintings on the other side and this birdcage of Alyssa’s hanging below the shelf.


Another of Lauren’s paintings hangs loosely within this frame over the range.  Pretty talented, huh.


Last, but not least, Lauren had the brilliant idea of converting this large shed out back into a work out room.  So we purchased a used treadmill (that works great by the way); Lauren already has some dumbbells and they are in the process of adding mats, more free weights, a bar bell and a bench.  Ingenious I’d say!  At least it is if they actually use it.  They are calling it L.A. Fitness using  a combination of their initials from their names, Lauren and Alyssa. as you see on this sign made by Lauren.  Love it!


They’ve created a very cool, very charming little home.  It’s like walking into an adorable little HGTV cottage.

  Here’s the roomies with their pets.  Alyssa’s Chihuahua and Lauren’s snake. (Yes, that red and white thing draped around her neck)


You can see that Harley, the Chihuahua, is none too interested in getting too chummy with the snake.


Great little home, great roomies and great memories…..


Proud and happy mama!

She was too tired and had two projects to start on the day we took this picture so she wasn’t motivated to put on her make up and girlie clothes.   Hopefully she won’t mind that I posted this picture on my blog!

(PS: I think it’s time to buy her some OSU shirts to replace the old hand-me-downs.)

Happy Decorating!


  1. Trixy Cody
    September 23, 2014 at 4:50 pm

    What an adorable, cozy home for these girls!! GREAT job!!

  2. Mimi
    September 24, 2014 at 12:34 am

    Love this! What a cute place! Love you

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