So sorry my posts have been so scarce!!  Been “laboring” long and hard.  And, although I miss blogging and I plan on getting back to it as soon as I can – I must say I’m grateful and blessed for the work and for the rich, full life God’s blessed me with that’s preventing it!

2015-09-07 09.15.13

I believe the freedom we have here in this country to choose our occupation – with hard work, determination and dedication – is a blessing; and I believe that the ability to live and work here in America is a double blessing.  One too many folks take for granted.  The sky is the limit here and I believe what the Bible says:  “You reap what you sow” also applies to good old hard work.  So for those of you willing to get out there and work hard – I commend you for taking responsibility for yourself and your family.

And, I’m grateful today for so many things…..I’m grateful for the health it requires to be able to work.   I’m grateful for the clients God has blessed me with.  I’m grateful that my husband and my children are all hard workers.  I’m grateful for the work opportunities available here in this country to all those who are willing. 

And, I’m especially grateful for all the brave servicemen out there and the “men in blue” who work so hard to protect us all.  A special, heartfelt thanks to you all!

Happy Labor Day!

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