Most people love Christmas and all the cozy, festive Christmas decorations they see at stores, restaurants and events everywhere.  You just can’t help but be filled with that holiday spirit…..even if you’re not a Christian and celebrating the true meaning of Christmas.  (Which by the way is the birth of Jesus Christ, the Lord)

It’s just something electric in the air that permeates everything.

But, as much as they love the holiday cheer and décor they see around them – many people have a hard time getting that polished, “designer” look in their own homes.


So I thought I’d share some pictures from my holiday “go-to” showroom at the World Trade Center called K&K Interiors.  This is where I usually order Christmas décor for my clients.  I showed you some of the holiday items they had for Halloween which you can check out here.  But today I’d like to share with you some of their Christmas décor.  (Any of this can be purchased through your local interior designer.)

One thing to take note of is how full and rich everything looks.  No scimping here.  One mistake many people make is not buying enough stuff.  They’ll buy one-sie, two-sie’s of something and then wonder why it looks whimpy-scimpy.  Notice the amount of greenery and pine cones here?  Think full and lush!


Notice the mantel has several large scale items here to fill it with oomph?!  That’s another mistake people make – using items that are just too small scale to make much of an impact.  If you have to choose – think larger scale rather than smaller scale.  (Within reason of course – don’t go too crazy with that rule of thumb!)


Again – notice how full and rich the stair railing here is?  There’s no wimpy garland with a pick or two here and there.  They’ve scrunched and piled and crammed on a variety of ornaments and Christmas accessories so that it’s overflowing with holiday cheer.

2016-07-21-15-40-03 2016-07-21-15-40-16

And, that my friends is the secret.

More is more in many ways for Christmas.  Not everywhere….but, in certain select areas.  The mantel and the stair rail being a couple of them.


You can put touches of it everywhere if you’re the “more is more” type inside and out!


If not, and you like an impact, but not “Christmas overkill” just choose the areas you’d like to play up.

No hearth or stair rail?  Tack some Christmas fun to a cabinet or an armoire or the back of your dining room chairs…


Maybe put your tree in something unique and fun like K&K did here.  How fun is this sleigh?


And add little touches here and there like to the top of a dresser, sideboard or chest…


In any color that suits your fancy.


Just little touches any and everywhere.  Switch out your pillows, add a cool Santa here and there.


Think outside the box.  And, have fun with it!

Happy Christmas


Happy Decorating!

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