If you love the look of natural wood floors and find that rich character they add to a space something you must have, but also desperately need the durability and functionality of tile take heart……because wood plank tiles have come a long way!

The options are numerous depending on the look you’re after with regard to style, color, etc.


Like this amazing finish from The Tile Shop.

I’m using this tile in one of my client’s houses on a current project I’m working on.  So natural looking you really can’t tell it’s not wood until you really take a closer look.  These particular clients have large dogs that are very much considered part of the family and durability was a must.  But of course style and visual appeal was absolutely crucial, too.  This tile fit the bill beautifully.  It’s called Vintage and has a beautifully aged finish that’s both impactful and subtle at the same time..


Researching and designing the materials for their home really opened my eyes to all the amazing finishes out there.


I really found myself drawn to all the various distressed finishes.  Doesn’t this look like real wood?  I mean seriously….they are just stunning…..


And they are filled with character.


Again…..doesn’t this look like real wood?  That’s the beauty of the product:  All the beauty of real wood and all the durability that tile has to offer.

The perfect combination.


The tile pictured above is by Arizona Tile.  It’s their Savannah series and the color is called Honey.  See how nicely it goes with this contemporary setting? But, you could totally see this in a more traditional setting, a farmhouse chic setting, or a Pottery Barn-esque setting.  Lots of versatility with these distressed plank tiles which makes it fun.


For a more customary wood look the Savannah series also comes in this color called Chocolate…. as well as other colors.


And, how about this Barn series from Emser Tile?  How cool is this?  I love it in any of these colors.  (This wall application is a fantastic idea if you’d like an accent wall in something unique.  I mean… cool is this?)

There are so many notable and versatile options to choose from in this distressed wood look.

If you are a fan of hardwood flooring, but need the durability of tile you are sure to find a style that works for you.



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