I showed you some furnishings and accessories from a wonderful vendor called Park Hill yesterday.  Today I thought I’d show you some of the sweet “old-fashioned” Christmas décor they have.

So if you’d like to bring back the days of old to your home maybe this will give you some good ideas.

There is something so “homey” and cozy about everything they have.

Love the checkered ribbon and the “cut-out” gingerbread men.  And just the simple Merry Christmas sign.  So sweet.

Everything has a sense of nostalgia to it.

It makes you think of grandma’s house….even if grandma’s house never looked quite like this.

Great ideas for a good old fashioned Christmas.

And how sweet are these?  These are the things we see and declare, “Well I could make that myself!”, but we never actually really ever get around to doing it.

Well now you know where to find them.

Totally looks homemade with lots of TLC!

And while we can’t go back in time to yesteryear…

It’s kind of fun to bring a little yesteryear to our homes at Christmastime.

Happy Decorating!

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