I recently stumbled onto a wonderful little store in Southlake called Sally Lynn Home.  It’s one of those stores that you could peruse once a week and find something new.  She’s constantly selling, changing, adding, creating.

A woman’s dream store!

I had to be in that area this morning so I ran in to take a peek at her new goodies and decided to take pictures of some of my favorite things there.

Like this Christmas wall collage.  Isn’t this fun?  It’s simple really – framed pages from books with a little holiday twig and ribbon attached to each one.  All the shapes and sizes arranged together make a “grand” statement.


See what I mean?  Fabulous, fun idea!

And take a look at this innovative light fixture.  Books on chains with light bulbs.  Now you know you can make a light fixture out of virtually anything,

Interesting idea, huh!  If you’re a book enthusiast and have your own office, library or “reading room” – this and the picture frame idea would be a great way to decorate the space.

I think this is a really fun idea, too.  Mason jars mounted on a board with this exposed hardware.  Think of all the different things you could do with these jars.

She took this old toy truck and made a planter out of it.

So sweet.

There are many, many more fun accessories there so if you’re in this area you should run by and take a look.  If you’re not, well hopefully this gives you some fun ideas!

Click here for the website and address.

Happy Decorating!

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