Last week I blogged about an amazing house I’m working on where the main house is done in a Transitional Hill Country Chic vibe (click here to view post) and today I’m focusing on the guest house which is more of a Transitional Farmhouse Chic.

The guest house is by no means small at 2800 square feet and the finish out details are fun and fab and “fresh”.

The same Vintage wood look plank tiles as in the main house will be the main flooring in the guest house as well.

It’s the perfect floor for the Farmhouse Chic vibe with it’s distressed, vintage finish.

The kitchen backsplash will be this slate brick you see here……

And the area above the cooktop with be this wonderful red and gray patterned tile.

I was fortunate enough to work with homeowners who have great taste and are willing to work with color.

The countertop is from Allied Stone – their Maestro quartz series – and the color is called Raffles Gray.

This will balance out the colorful backsplash and give it a clean, fresh look.

In the master bath we are with going this interesting combination of textures, patterns and colors.

On the floor we are using this brick look called Bricklane White, but we are going to install it in a herringbone pattern to give it a little more appeal.  It has a bit of an “aged” look to it which should play well to our farmhouse vibe.

The transition into the shower floor (or shower pan) will be to this smaller tile called Legno Holden.  That’s because you can’t put larger tiles in the area where the drain is.  They can’t be too long or it affects the slight slope to the drain. So we had to select a smaller tile that worked with the overall look, but would work in the shower with regard to drainage.  This one fits the bill beautifully.

All of the showers in both houses by the way will be ADA compliant and wheelchair accessible just in case that should ever be needed.  Very smart to plan ahead when you are getting older and moving into your last forever home.  So keep that in mind if that demographic applies to you.

This awesome black, cream and gray will go on the entire back wall….the first thing you see when you enter the bathroom.  It’ll be a real statement maker and tie in all their colors together.

The rest of the shower surround will be in this Imperial Pewter glass 3×6 tile in a staggered joint pattern which means much like the exterior brick of a house.  You can’t see from this picture just how pretty this tile is, but it will be stunning with the floor and the patterned accent wall.

The countertop is in this beautiful Maestro quartz called Calcutta Gold.  The gray veining will tie in nicely with the grays in the shower surround.

For the guest bath the homeowner wanted sort of a neutral, clean transitional feel.  They wanted it to have some warmth and personality without getting too carried away so we decided on this warm neutral palette.

The bathroom floor and the shower pan will be one continuous floor in this herringbone pattern called Legno Somerset.

This large cinder block shape tile is called Fiji Stone.  It will be placed in a staggered horizontal pattern around the shower stall.

At a 48″ height (from the floor) this fun accent tile called Nova Hex will run throughout the shower stall as a 24″ deep horizontal band.  It will have pencil rail (a small trim piece) below and above the band for a more finished look.

This will create a huge impact with the combination of the rustic tile and the modern glass look in all these neutral colors.

The countertop here will be in the Maestro series quartz again in a color called Volga White.

And last, but not least – the kids bathroom.

 This bathroom is a little more basic than all the others throughout the main house and the guest house, but still very pretty none-the-less.  The simple palette is clean, inviting, and right in keeping with our farmhouse theme.

 The floor will be in this Karisa Gris porcelain. Notice the “aged” finish to it.  So even thought it’s simpler tile it has that distressed finish we want for our farmhouse feel.


The entire shower surround will be in this Imperial Bianco tile with this beveled edge.  This bevel gives it a new, more interesting dimension than just the plain flat white subway tiles.

The countertop is in the same Maestro Volga White quartz that we are doing in the guest bathroom.

The nice thing about this quartz is that it’s sold by the square foot so you only pay for what you need to do the job.  You don’t have to worry about expensive waste like you sometimes do with slabs.

So there you have it….the entire product list for my farmhouse chic project.  Maybe this will come in handy for your own future project.

I’d like that!

Happy Decorating!

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