Today’s “fave” is a wall collage in one of my closest friend’s family room.  A group of friends went over there for dinner last night and I just had to snap a picture of her “family wall”.

I’ve always loved this collage and decided it was high time I shared it with you.  How cool is this?  She worked painstakingly on this wall years ago trying to find the right frames for the black and white images of her relatives and ancestors.

It definitely makes a grand statement.  Don’t you think?

All the characters and personalities and fashion from all different generations almost come to life here.  It’s easy to get lost in these older photos – looking at all the interesting faces and wondering about what they were like and what their life experiences were.

See how she mixed the styles and the gold, silvers and bronze frames.  I love this.  It just adds to the character and nostalgia of the wall – as if they’ve been collected randomly and inadvertently over the years and then suddenly grouped together.

It’s a great idea to do mismatched frames on a collage like this in case you want to continue adding pictures to the wall in the future so you don’t have to worry about finding matching ones later.

So sweet and charming, enchanting even, to honor these very special lives that once lived and loved and impacted the lives around them.  And to see the current family members intermingled in with them and reflect on the continuation of lives that they contributed to in some way big or small.

So full of meaning and love and appreciation.

We can only hope to be honored on a similar wall one day.  Am I right?

Happy Decorating!

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