I know for a lot of you deciding not only what paint, but also paint(s) plural it can be a daunting task.  How do you select multiple colors?  How do you keep everything flowing the way it’s suppose to?  How can you possibly figure out what paint combinations to choose for the whole house!

Am I right?

Last week I posted some gray paint colors, some great choices (click this link here) that I’ve used in the past, so today I thought I’d continue in that vein with a job I’m working on now.  Everyone knows that shades of gray are the super hot colors of the moment and it’s no different with my own clients.  In one of the homes I’m working on now the homeowners are going with shades of gray throughout the main house and the guest house.  But, each house has their own color “slant” to them.


In the main house the homeowner was more interested in a true gray tone rather than one that leaned towards a beige-y or taupe-y gray.  After looking at several different colors and color combinations with the tile selections (check ’em out here) we decided on these as our main colors by Sherwin Williams:  Gray Matters, Argos, Tin Lizzie.

We are going to go darker on the trim, doors and cabinets rather than light.  These Sherwin Williams colors, Peppercorn and Cityscape, compliment the walls very well and provide continuity and fluidity.  It’s a subtle, but impactful color combo.

Above I showed you the wall paint colors together and then the cabinet colors together side by side so you could see how they “flow” from one to the next.  This is another lay out so you can see the wall paint side by side with the trim/cabinet color for the overall house.

On this page you can see the master bedroom wall color with the trim color.  It’s dark, but that’s what the homeowner likes about it.  It’s a very rich color combo and I can’t wait to see it done.

This is the master bathroom color combination.  A little different, but in keeping with the rest of the house.  Neutral grays were the preferred color throughout.  We will probably do the media room and possibly guest bathrooms in a different colorway, but we haven’t gotten that far yet. ( That’s our next meeting.)

The homeowner’s son and daughter-in-law will be living in the guest house for awhile and they were able to make all of their own selections.  Here the daughter-in-law chose to go with a more “taupe-y” gray as the main colorway.  Sherwin Williams Dorian Gray is the perfect color choice for the overall house.  Again, you can see one of the rooms I did with that color here.  She wanted to go with SW Pearly White for the kid’s room and the guest room.  The kitchen is still undecided.  She’d like to go with a green tone however these colors you see here are not the true colors of green that they actually are.  They didn’t translate very well at all.  In fact these look terrible on the Power Point.  (They’re both much prettier than this!)

This is a more true depiction of the SW Acanthus.  I got this off Pinterest so you could see the true color:

from Zillow.  (You’ll have to cut and paste the link if you’d like to see it on Pinterest.)

And, this is a more accurate depiction of the SW Hazel.  I got this off Pinterest, too, from

I know…..crazy! 

I didn’t want you to think we’d lost our minds considering these two colors the way they look on the Power Point.

As you can see they’re both beautiful shades of green.

These are the cabinet color choices in various rooms throughout the house.  The SW Black Fox, will be the trim, doors and main cabinets, the SW Pearly White will be for the master bathroom cabinets and the ship lap they will be adding to the family room wall.  The Dorian Gray will be on the walls in the kid’s bathroom and the guest bathroom.

Here it is again shown with the wall color combined with the cabinet color.  SW Dorian Gray with the SW Black Fox

The SW Pearly White walls with the SW Dorian Gray cabinets….

And, last but not least, the guest house master bathroom will have the SW Dorian Gray walls with the SW Pearly White cabinets.  Don’t forget to check back here to see the tile and countertop materials going in so you can see how it all works together.

If you’re a fan of the grays these combinations may very well work in your home, too.  But, as I always suggest, BE SURE TO SAMPLE THEM FIRST!!!! Don’t slap them up on the walls, the trim, the cabinets or the doors without sampling them first to be sure you like the way they look in the space with the lighting, etc.  Otherwise you may be sorry.

It’s a step that’s worth taking to be sure there are no mistakes!

Happy Decorating!

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