Here’s a little tip for Tuesday in case you’ve never explored this option for place settings before.  I don’t know if you’re a nut about dishes like I am, but I have a deep fondness and appreciation for beautiful place settings.  I have a number of different dish sets.  Well……that’s kind of an understatement.  I have a lot okay.   In fact it kind of drives my husband a little looney.  I have clear plates, cream plates, red and cream plates, floral plates, nice china, Mexican stripe plates in bold colors, black plates, fall leaf plates and English tea plates.  Each set has enough for place settings of anywhere from six to twelve.

I know… I know!

I get it!  It’s a little extreme, but like I said I have a “thing” for place settings.  It’s fun to dress up the table in different themes and colors depending on the occasion.  And, I admit my own place settings cost more than these that I’m showing you today, but when I saw these dishes for ONLY $1.00 apiece at The Dollar Tree I thought what a fun, inexpensive way it would be for someone to have several different looks at very little cost.  And, you’d have a variety of options to play with, too.  I purchased these dishes below for something I was working on a few months ago and played around with several different place settings using different colors and patterns.  And, I’m sure there’s even more.

Check out how much (inexpensive) fun you could have…

If you were to buy a set of four striped black plates, bowls and mugs, and a set of solid black plates, bowls and mugs you’d spend $12.00 on each set and have numerous ways to display them.  Like this combo above.

(I’m using a black charger to display these on by the way)….

Or go with an all striped setting with a stripe mug instead of the black…..

Or you could switch out both the bowl and mug to solid black and keep the stripe plate…

Or of course you could always  just go with all black like this.

Kind of depends on the occasion and the tone you want to set.  Is the occasion formal or casual….playful or serious?  Are your guests older or younger?

For another $12.00 you could buy another place setting for four in a color like this red and add another layer of options to change up the look.  Like this red plate with the black bowl and mug….

Or this red with the black and white stripe.  Notice the water glass?  They have those, too.  Yep….for a whopping dollar!

Or if you prefer brighter colors you could choose a couple of different colors and/or patterns altogether.  Again…notice the water/wine glass.  This would be fun for a Mexican extravaganza….right?

By mixing solid navy, solid red and a blue stripe – once again – you have another look altogether.

The navy and red would be great for Labor Day, Memorial Day and the 4th of July.

Then you could mix the blue with a pattern for a different look.

Or you could mix the blue and white stripe for a fun, fresh look.  How about a nautical themed party?

See what I mean?

So if you have a special occasion or just a desire for some optional place settings and you just don’t have it in your budget for a more expensive set be sure to check out your local Dollar Tree.

The colors, patterns and styles change frequently, but they seem to always have something pretty cute so they are worth taking a look-see.

Have fun with it!

Happy Decorating!

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