I admit I have a definite love/hate relationship with technology.  I feel like I fight with it as much as anything.  But, I will say as handy as it is today I’ve found that, like many people,  as long as I have my computer with me I can work from almost anywhere.  Unless I have to be in my resource room selecting drapery or upholstery fabric, or at a client’s house for an onsite consultation or installation – everything I do is done with my computer.  My floor plans, my space plans, my vendor orders, specifying product…all from my computer.  And as much as I love my commercial office – more often than not lately – I find myself enjoying working at home.

When I turned my formal living room into my dining room I then turned my dining room into my “girlie room”.  Later I added my desk to it so I could work here when I wanted to as well. So now this cozy room is my office as well as my “girlie retreat”.

I have struggled with what to call my room.  When I had a piano where the desk is we called it the “piano room”.  Now that my desk is here along with all my feminine seating and accents I thought about taking from the popular “man-cave” theme and calling it my “lady-cave”, but somehow that doesn’t have the same connotation and sounds a bit…..well….tacky….ahem….if you know what I mean.

It doesn’t feel like a true office since it’s also my little retreat so I don’t necessarily like calling “my office” either, although technically that’s what I’ve been using it for the last few months.

But, it’s also where I take naps, read, listen to my classical music and have my “quiet time” with my daily devotionals.

So we’ve been just referring to it as my “girlie room”.

If you can think of a better name I’ll all ears…..let me know!

All my accent finishes are gold now.  I love these little gold tables.  I got them for only $100.00 apiece at AT HOME.  This leaf tray came from Hemispheres and the feather arrangement is one I had made years ago and have just hung onto.  Sometimes I think of replacing it with an orchid, but I’ve yet to do it.

I wanted to keep the room serene and peaceful so I started with this rug with its soft grays, creams and browns.  I already had the cream chaise lounge, but added the throws and pillows after I purchased the rug. The lamp shade in the background (sorry you can’t see it because of the glare) was black to match my original décor in here and I changed it out with a soft beige shade I found at Hemispheres.

When I saw this fabric at a discount fabric store I fell madly in love and had to have it.  After sampling out numerous other fabrics and numerous wallpaper designs – the minute I saw this I knew it was perfect for the vibe I was wanting to create in here.  It’s tricky with a pattern like this though trying to keep the seams in the right place and adhere it to the wall.  I cut the length of the fabric between the chair rail and the ceiling and added a few inches on the top and bottom to turn under for a finished edge.  Then I carefully matched the seams and pinned them together.  I sewed them together, ironed the seams flat, then stapled it to the wall.  It’s not that hard to do…..a bit of a challenge, but really not that hard.  And with the incredible sale I got on this fabric and the ability to do it myself I saved a TON of money.  The wallpaper hanger wanted $1500.00 just for the labor, plus the wallpaper.  This fabric cost me around $275.00 and since I did the labor myself that was my total cost (other than staples).  I still want to trim the edges in matching cording, but I’m going to pay someone to make the cording for me.  Then I’ll glue it on myself.

These candelabras were a bronze color and I painted them cream to match the mirrors and the shelves that I purchased from good old Hobby Lobby.  The bronze color literally disappeared into the wall from a distance and made the candles look like they were floating…..hahaha.  Now you can at least see them!

Not only is it my office/retreat/girlie room it’s kind of a shrine to my daughter.  I have pictures of she and I together all over the room.  These pictures were done by a friend of mine, Lisa McNeil of Lisa Marie Photography.  She’s an amazing photographer and we had a blast doing these shots.  I might actually blog about the entire photo shoot, because it was so much fun and I want everyone to know about her.  These are some of my all time favorite pictures.  And there’s more at my commercial office and in my husband’s office.

My boys actually thought this picture of their mom was “a bit much” and didn’t think I should hang it up at all, but my daughter said I absolutely should so I put it in my office with the others.  Not many people actually notice it, but I do like it here.

I can’t remember what Lisa had us giggling about here, but we were cracking up and she was snapping away.  I love each and everyone of these.  They capture our relationship and the fun we have together.  Love my girl so much!

This is my daughter just swirling around and having fun.  I love this wall of pictures of the two of us.  For me it’s really special and I will cherish these pictures and the fun we had that day forever.  Thank you Lisa Marie Photography!

Of course I have to have a throw back picture.  This is another one of my faves.  After having my two boys…..who I adore immensely by the way…I prayed and prayed for my third to be a little girl and to this day I feel so grateful God blessed me with her.  I love having a girl and I love that she has two devoted, protective older brothers that she looks up to and adores.

What can I say…. I said the room is kind of a shrine to my daughter, too.

This is the view looking out from inside the room,  I have beaded sheers on either side of the entry.  They are finished off on both sides with the decorative sheers.  I have beaded trim along the edges that’s hard to see.  They’re soft and flowy and feminine.  Just the way I like it.

These cool chairs I found at one of my favorite vendors….Uttermost.  I had literally been admiring and coveting them for two solid years and then walked into the showroom one day to find them on clearance.  Needless to say I snatched them up.

I found this chandelier at a local flea market years ago and I still love it.  I’m thinking about switching it out to something more transitional, but I’m not in any hurry.  When the right light fixture falls into my lap I’ll change it, otherwise I’m still fine with this one.  I had these cream velvet drapes custom made.  I wanted simple straight panels that I could keep open most of the time, but close when I’m working in here at night. These are perfect for this space and the velvet is rich and sumptuous.

 I used this old frame I had, this old sconce I had and this old iron cross I’ve had forever and just sort of re-purposed them for a new look above my desk. Here you can clearly see the seam in the fabric (a little more than I prefer) by the way.

My daughter gave this to me as a gift last year and I keep it on my desk.

My office-mate, friend and fellow designer keeps asking me if I’m ever coming back to the office.  And, I will I’m sure, but for now I’m enjoying being able to work with all the comforts of home as much as humanly possible.

Jammies in the morning with my coffee, late in the evening with my glass of wine… just feels right.

So office, retreat, girlie room (ahem….lady-cave) whatever you want to call it this is my space and I love it.

Happy Decorating!

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